CCP & Accommodations

Accessibility Services supports students with disabilities enrolled in College Credit Plus courses by providing access to appropriate accommodations approved for college-level coursework. These accommodations may be different than those received for high school courses. College level accommodations ensure students have equal access to the course and course materials while still meeting the college course objectives.

Students with a documented disability must register with Lorain County Community College Accessibility Services in order to have accommodations approved and implemented in College Credit Plus courses. Accommodations provided by an IEP or 504 Plan do not automatically apply in a College Credit Plus course. 

Students have a right to choose not to use accommodations even if their parent/guardian or the high school make the request.


Accuplacer Placement Test with Accommodations

If you plan to take the Accuplacer placement test to qualify for College Credit Plus courses and need accommodations beyond extended time, it is very important to send your documentation (IEP, ETR, 504 Plan) as well as the Placement Test Accommodation Request Form to Accessibility Services at least 3 business days prior to testing.

These documents can be hand delivered to College Center room 234, emailed to  or faxed to 440-366-4652.

Once documentation is received, a Learning Specialist reviews the submitted documentation and a representative from Accessibility Services will notify the student and school counselor through email on approved accommodations for testing.


Placement Test Accommodation Request Form for CCP

The purpose of this form is to request accommodations that relate to your disability for placement testing purposes.
  • Student Name * Required
  • High School Counselor Name * Required
  • Accommodations Requested * Required


Please note that providing this documentation only means the student will be approved for placement test Accommodations.
The student will need to complete the registration process below with Lorain County Community College Accessibility Services in order to use accommodations in College Credit Plus courses. 


What is the process to get registered with Accessibility Services for ongoing Accommodations?

  1. Submit disability documentation.
    Documentation of IEP and ETR or 504 Plan or a completed Accessibility Services Verification Form. These documents can be hand delivered to College Center room 234, emailed to  or faxed to 440-366-4652.

  2. Complete the Intake Form.
    The Intake form can be picked up in our office or found online in our Forms Library at ( ).
  1. Schedule an Intake appointment with a Learning Specialist.
  • The appointment can be scheduled at our main Elyria Campus or any LCCC outreach location including Lorain High, Lorain City Center, Wellington and North Ridgeville.
  • During the appointment, a Learning Specialist will determine appropriate accommodations that can be used by the student while taking College Credit Plus classes and create an LCCC Accommodation List.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to submit the Accommodation List to the instructor of each course. If there is no accommodation list from LCCC, then no accommodations will be given to the student.
  • Please note: When the CCP course is located at the high school, the LCCC Accessibility Services team determines the accommodations; the course instructor and the high school staff assist in implementing them.


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