Confidentiality Guidelines

for Students, Faculty and Staff

The links below include information and forms to enable students to invite a third party to a meeting, request a release of student information to another institution or grant approval for the Office of Special Needs Services to speak with instructors, staff or a student’s licensed professional in order to assist in the accommodation process.

  • FERPA Release
    To be completed by the student to request that a faculty member write a letter of recommendation.
    FERPA General Release Form
  • OSNS Release Form
    This is to be completed by the student who wishes to grant permission to OSNS to speak with a licensed professional, faculty member/staff or other individual regarding their accommodation process.
    Accessibility Services Consent Form
  • Student Meeting Consent Form
    To be completed by the student to grant permission for a third party to meet along with an LCCC faculty/staff member.
    Student Meeting Consent Form