Frequently Asked Questions – Students

Where is your office located?

College Center Room 234

How can I contact your office?

(440) 366-4058


How do I register with your office?

First, you must apply for admission into the college. Please complete an application from Enrollment Services.

  • It can be found online at:
  • Pick one up from Enrollment Services located at Learning Center Room 169.
  • Check if the Guidance Office at your high school has applications.
  • Please note: If you plan on using financial aid, it is important to get the paperwork completed by going to


I have completed an application and have a student number. May I register with your office? What paperwork do I need?

Yes, you may begin the process. All students entering LCCC will have their transcripts sent to the college. If you have an IEP, this would also be a good time to request copies of your IEP and MFE or ETR. You will need both of these documents when meeting with a Accessibility Support Specialist.

If you have had any testing done (other than through the school district) or are being seen regularly by an outside licensed professional, a Verification of Disability form will be needed. This form can also be found on our website. It will need to be filled out and signed by the licensed professional.

The more information you can provide us with, the more we can assist you by providing appropriate accommodations.


What type of help can I expect at the college level?

This will vary from student to student. You can expect to receive educational coaching from highly qualified specialists and counselors. Many times exploring assistive technology and resources available through the college, such as tutoring and taping of lectures, is very beneficial to students. Assistance, such as extended testing time, will be explored with you during the intake session.


My parents have always been very involved in my academic life. What will this look like at the college level?

We are happy that you have come from a supportive environment. Once you are admitted to LCCC and have come to request services, you are our “client”. Under FERPA guidelines, you may decide to sign a Consent Form allowing communication between Accessibility Services and your parents, LCCC instructors, or anyone you wish Accessibility Services to have communication with. This form can be found on our website or can be completed at the intake session.


I am concerned about being identified as a student registered with the accessibility office. Will other students know? How will the teachers know? Will my diploma look different?

One of the great things about being a college student is that you are in control. You can choose to whom and how much information will be disclosed. Once the accommodations are put in place, you will be responsible for meeting your instructors to privately discuss what the accommodations will look like in a particular course. Your diploma will not say anything about you being registered with our office.


I am nervous about this transition from high school to college. What if I have questions about classes, instructors, homework, and new friends?

Change is always a little bit scary. We can assure you that you will be surrounded by the tools to help you succeed at LCCC. Many students registered with Accessibility Services think of our office as a “home base”. It is a friendly place where you can come when you need assistance. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will connect you with the person or office that can help.