Data Acquisition

The Advanced Digital Forensics Institute (ADFI), is a leader in providing digital forensic services and data retrieval from mobile devices and computers including: iOS (iPhones); Chinese phones; Blackberry; Android; Windows; Feature phones; Tablet computers; GPS; Gaming systems as well as for personal computers, and corporate servers. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to analyze information from a wide variety of electronic sources to support both civil and criminal litigation, as well as corporate data recovery needs.

ADFI’s advanced mobile forensics units provide on-site e-discovery data acquisition and password recovery.  Using cutting edge tools in a state-of-the-art forensic laboratory, our forensic investigators are experts at conducting each of the following phases of the e-discovery forensic process: The Evidence Intake Phase; The Identification Phase; The Preparation Phase; The Isolation Phase; The Processing Phase; The Verification Phase; The Reporting Phase; The Presentation Phase; The Archiving Phase.


Litigation Support

ADFI provides litigation support and expert witness testimony. Our forensic specialists are highly trained in gathering data used in criminal and civil proceedings for individuals, law firms, small businesses, insurance companies, banks, including small and large enterprises.


Language Translation

ADFI’s Forensics Linguists provide accurate language translation of recovered documents and SMS messages to the English language from several key modern foreign languages.


Fingerprinting and Background Check

ADFI provides fingerprinting and transmits electronically to the BCI (Ohio Check) and to the FBI (Federal Check).
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