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Bass Library/Community Resource Center: LC 158

Advising/Enrollment Services
440-366-4032 or
365-5222 ext. 4032
Fax: 440-366-4640

Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Live Chat
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Students have the option of selecting in-person, online or virtual. 


How do I find my personal advisor?

As an LCCC student, you have a personal academic advisor based on your program or major.

Find Your Advisor’s Name in MyCampus (Click Student Services – Check the Right Column)

Schedule Your Appointment (links listed below)

Our advisors are trained to advise you about academic and career goals. Each member is specialized to support you in your education, based on your program or major.

What if my advisor isn't available?

If your advisor isn't available, you can meet with another advisor on the same team. Teams are listed below.

What can I expect from a virtual appointment?

If you schedule a virtual appointment, your advisor will contact you with instructions. If you have questions or don't receive instructions, contact your advisor using the links below.

If you schedule a phone appointment, your advisor will call you at the scheduled time. Please review your to-do list in MyCampus before your appointment.

I am a new student. How can I prepare for my appointment?

If you're a new student meeting with your advisor for the first time, please visit our Apply and Register page for enrollment instructions.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

To cancel your appointment, please call Enrollment Services at (440) 366-4032 at least 24 hours in advance. SAIL students, please call (440) 366-4117 at least 24 hours in advance.

Will my courses transfer?

Use Transferology to see how your LCCC courses will transfer to other Ohio colleges and universities.

I need help choosing a major. Are any career exploration resources available?

The LCCC Career Exploration Podcasts help you make wise career choices by exploring career possibilities and college majors.  Explore MyPlan to discover what careers are likely to be good matches for you with your types and interests. Visit Career Services to learn more.


Advising Team Members


Health and Wellness Team

All associate-level health and fitness careers

Advisor Phone Contact Form
Schedule Online
Espy Correa (440) 366-7321 Contact Espy Schedule an Appointment with Espy
Saundra Daniels (440) 366-7662 Contact Saundra Schedule an Appointment with Saundra
Thalia Fountain (440) 366-7683

Contact Thalia

Schedule an Appointment with Thalia

David Gerrone (440) 366-4122 Contact David Schedule an Appointment with David
Eddie Henson (440) 366-7863 Contact Eddie Schedule an Appointment with Eddie


Firelands BGSU Nursing program

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Tammy Jenkins (440) 366-4833 Contact Tammy Schedule an appointment with Tammy


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Team

All engineering tech associate degrees, all four-year bachelor’s degree programs in math and science areas, pre-professional health pathways (pre-med, pre-dental, etc), and interdisciplinary degrees

Advisor Phone Contact Form
Schedule Online
Tyla Corlew (440) 366-4735 Contact Tyla Schedule an Appointment with Tyla
Courtney Conrad (440) 366-4812 Contact Courtney Schedule an Appointment with Courtney
Amanda Kemp (440) 366-4188 Contact Amanda Schedule an Appointment with Amanda
Suk Ng (440) 366-4758 Contact Suk Schedule an Appointment with Suk


Human Services, Education, and Social Sciences Team

Social work, human services, education, public administration, criminal justice, corrections, and social sciences

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Elizabeth Golias (440) 366-4769 Contact Elizabeth Schedule an Appointment with Liz
Catherine Loboda (440) 366-4784 Contact Catherine Schedule an Appointment with Catherine
Arlena Lockard (440) 366-4179 Contact Arlena Schedule an Appointment with Arlena
Carolyn Modic (440) 366-4757 Contact Carolyn  Schedule an Appointment with Carolyn


Business, Culinary, and Computer Information Team

All business, culinary arts, computer information systems careers

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Bernadette Colegrove (440) 366-7646 Contact Bernadette Schedule an Appointment with Bernadette
Ursula Delahunty (440) 366-4143 Contact Ursula Schedule an Appointment with Ursula
Tammy Jenkins (440) 366-4833 Contact Tammy Schedule an Appointment with Tammy
Judy Pietch (440) 366-4187 Contact Judy

Schedule an Appointment with Judy

Cassandra Tenorio (440) 366-4759 Contact Cassandra Schedule an Appointment with Cassandra


Liberal and Creative Arts Team

Psychology, arts, humanities, pre-law, foreign language, visual/graphic arts, communications, music theater, etc.

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Julie Ford (440) 366-7664 Contact Julie Schedule an Appointment with Julie
Tom Ilcisko (440) 366-4175 Contact Tom Schedule an Appointment with Tom
Aidan McNulty (440) 366-4190 Contact Aidan Schedule an Appointment with Aidan
Krista O’Neill (440) 366-7642 Contact Krista Schedule an Appointment with Krista


Fast Track 

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Ellyn Lykins (440) 366-7629 Contact Ellyn Schedule an appointment with Ellyn
Kelly McCarthy 440) 366-7635 Contact Kelly Schedule an appointment with Kelly


Transfer Coordinator

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Laurel Gibbs (440) 366-7224 Contact Laurel Schedule an appointment with Laurel


Students Accelerating in Learning Program Advisors

Advisor Phone Contact Form
Cynthia Arredondo (440) 366-4196 Contact Cynthia
Whitney Hougland (440) 366-7702 Contact Whitney
Greg Northeim  (440) 366-4731  Contact Greg
Caitlin Valley (440) 366-7593 Contact Caitlin


College Credit Plus Team

Program for high school students to earn college credit while in high school

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Nadia Leary (440) 366-4722 Contact Nadia Schedule an Appointment with Nadia
E. Jordan Armstrong (440) 366-7081 Contact Jordan Schedule an Appointment with Jordan
Amanda Churchill (440) 366-4153 Contact Amanda Schedule an Appointment with Amanda
Andrea Horning (440) 366-4770 Contact Andrea  Schedule an Appointment with Andrea
Ashley Kalish (440) 366-4108 Contact Ashley Schedule an Appointment with Ashley
Karen Tomcko (440) 366-4823 Contact Karen Schedule an Appointment with Karen


Success Corps Advisors

Advisor Phone Contact Form Schedule Online
Gina Eschke (440)  366-4163 Contact Gina Schedule an appointment with Gina


Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Advisor Phone Contact Form
Carrie Delaney (440) 366-4726 Contact Carrie


Visiting/Transient Student Advisor

Advisor Phone Contact Form
Felicia Mitcheff (440) 366-4818 Contact Felicia


LCCC Learning Center Advising

LCCC Community Learning Center at Lorain High School

2600 Ashland Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052
(440) 233-2302
Advising available by appointment.

LCCC Learning Center at City Center in Lorain

201 West Erie Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052
(440) 366-4500
Advising available by appointment.

LCCC Wellington Center

151 Commerce Dr., Wellington, Ohio 44090
(440) 647-1776

University Partnership Ridge Campus

32121 Lorain Rd., North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
(440) 366-4800
Advising available by appointment.