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Bass Library/Community Resource Center: LC 158

Enrollment Services
440-366-4032 or
365-5222 ext. 4032
Fax: 440-366-4640

Advising and Counseling
Phone: 440-366-4033 or 800- 995-5222 ext. 4033
Fax: 440- 366- 4676

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday:   8:30 am to 7:30 pm
Friday:   8:30 am to 5 pm


Your Personal Advisor

Each LCCC student has a personal academic advisor based on your program or major. 

  Find Your Advisor’s Name in MyCampus

   Schedule Your Appointment (links listed below)


Our advisors are trained to advise students about academic and career goals. Each member is specialized to support you in your education, based on your program or major.


How Do I Find My Advisor?

Login to MyCampus – Click Student Services – Check the Right Column.


How do I schedule an appointment?

Find your advisor’s name in the list below and click on the “Schedule an Appointment” link.


Advising Team Members

ALHN / HPER / Wellness Team

All Associate-level Health Careers

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Greg Northeim  (440) 366-4731  Schedule an Appointment with Greg
Stacey Mitchell  (440) 366-4032  
Espy Correa  (440) 366-7321  Schedule an Appointment with Espy
Eddie Henson  (440) 366-7863  Schedule an Appointment with Eddie
Cynthia Hudson  (440) 366-7640  Schedule an Appointment with Cynthia
Saundra Daniels  (440) 366-7662  Schedule an Appointment with Saundra
Lindsey Maurer  (440) 366-4191  Schedule an Appointment with Lindsey
Dennis Walters  (440) 366-4769  Schedule an Appointment with Dennis
Julie Minarczik  (440) 366-7614  Schedule an Appointment with Julie
Thalia Fountain  (440) 366-7683  Schedule an Appointment with Thalia
Carolyn Modic
(Sports, Fitness, Exercise,
Wellness, Fire Sci.)
 (440) 366-4757  Schedule an Appointment with Carolyn
David Gerrone (440) 366-4122  Schedule an Appointment with David
Allison Groesch (440) 366-4172  Schedule an Appointment with Allison


STEM / Science / Engineering Tech Team

 All Engineering Tech Associate degrees, All 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs in math and science areas, All 4-year Health  Careers, and Interdisciplinary degrees

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Klare Heston  (440) 366-4779  Schedule an Appointment with Klare
Carrie Delaney  (440) 366-4726  Schedule an Appointment with Carrie
Lauren Bieler  (440) 366-4798  Schedule an Appointment with Lauren
Jesse Day  (440) 366-4794  Schedule an Appointment with Jesse
Lisa Lindblom  (440) 366-4188  Schedule an Appointment with Lisa
Suk Ng  (440) 366-4758  Schedule an Appointment with Suk
Teresa Cassidy  (440) 366-7745  Schedule an Appointment with Teressa


Human  Services / Education / Social Sciences Team

Social Work, Human Services, Education, Public Administration, Criminal  Justice,  Corrections, Fire Science and Social Sciences

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Janet Maltbie  (440) 366-4742   Schedule an Appointment with Janet
Carolyn Modic
(Except Education)
 (440) 366-4757   Schedule an Appointment with Carolyn
Catherine Loboda  (440) 366-4784   Schedule an Appointment with Catherine
Arlena Lockard  (440) 366-4179   Schedule an Appointment with Arlena


Business / CISS / Culinary Team

All Business Careers, Culinary Arts, Computer Information Systems

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Bernadette Colegrove  (440) 366-7646  Schedule an Appointment with Bernadette
Wendy Matthews  (440) 366-7705  Schedule an Appointment with Wendy
Janet Nowak  (440) 366-7630  Schedule an Appointment with Janet
Judy Pietch  (440) 366-4187  Schedule an Appointment with Judy
Cassandra Tenorio  (440) 366-4597  Schedule an Appointment with Cassandra
Laurel Gibbs  (440) 366-4728  Schedule an Appointment with Laurel


Liberal & Creative Arts Team

Psychology, Arts Humanities, Pre-Law, Foreign Language, Visual/Graphic Arts, Communications, Music Theater, etc.

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Kei Graves  (440) 366-4103   Schedule an Appointment with Kei
Tom Ilcisko  (440) 366-4175   Schedule an Appointment with Tom
Wendy Stone Scott  (440) 366-7742   Schedule an Appointment with Wendy
Nancy Mowrey  (440) 366-4173   Schedule an Appointment with Nancy
Julie Ford  (440) 366-7664   Schedule an Appointment with Julie
Quentin Kuntz (440) 366-4776   Schedule an Appointment with Quentin


Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis Intervention and Personal Counseling

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Quentin Kuntz  (440) 366-4776  Schedule an Appointment with Quentin
Julie Minarczik  (440) 366-7614  Schedule an Appointment with Julie
Lindsey Maurer  (440) 366-4191  Schedule an Appointment with Lindsey
Lisa Lindblom  (440) 366-4188  Schedule an Appointment with Lisa


College Credit Plus Team (High School Site Courses)

Program for high school students to earn college credit while in high school

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Nadia Leary  (440) 366-4722  Schedule an Appointment with Nadia
Amanda Churchill  (440) 366-4153  Schedule an Appointment with Amanda
Andrea Horning  (440) 366-4770  Schedule an Appointment with Andrea
Nicole Starkey  (440) 366-7078  Schedule an Appointment with Nicole
Karen Tomcko  (440) 366-4823  Schedule an Appointment with Karen


Home School Advisor

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Felicia Mitcheff  (440) 366-4818  


SAIL Advisors

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Cynthia Arredondo  (440) 366-4196  
Whitney Hougland  (440) 366-7702  


Generalist Advisors

Advisor Phone Schedule Online
Ursula Delahunty  (440) 366-4104  
Amanda Haney  (440) 366-4032  


LCCC Learning Center Advising


LCCC Community Learning Center at Lorain High School

2600 Ashland Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052
(440) 233-2302
Walk-in hours
Thursdays:  9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30-6:30 p.m.

LCCC Learning Center at City Center in Lorain

201 West Erie Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052
(440) 366-4500
Walk-in Hours
Wednesdays:    9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30-6:30 p.m.

LCCC Wellington Center

151 Commerce Dr., Wellington, Ohio 44090
(440) 647-1776
Advising available by appointment.

University Partnership Ridge Campus

32121 Lorain Rd., North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
(440) 366-4800
Advising available by appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays and select Thursdays.