The College Student Inventory (CSI) is a self-assessment tool designed to assess new students’ strengths and areas in which they may benefit from additional support. The online instrument is comprised of approximately 85 – 90 questions and is organized under three main areas:

  1. Academic Motivation
  2. General Coping Skills
  3. Receptivity to Support Services

To complete the CSI, log into your MyCampus account.

The CSI aims to:

  • Assess individual academic and personal needs of students
  • Recognize strengths and coping strategies
  • Identify students who are at risk for academic and/or personal difficulties
  • Provide information about student needs for the development of programs and services
  • Understand the attitude and motivational patterns of new students
  • Help academic advisors make early and effective referrals for students

If you have questions about the CSI, please contact your advisor. If you are unsure who your assigned advisor is, you can locate this information in your MyCampus account or call (440) 366-4032.