Did you step away from LCCC, and want to return?


Over the last several years and most recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LCCC students and our local community have experienced multiple disruptions to everyday life.  We know you may have faced difficult choices regarding your progress towards a certificate or degree, and we’re here to help.

If you needed to step away for any reason, we can help you resume your education with LCCC. We also want to remind you that LCCC can help with access to food, emergency aid, career clothing for internships and interviews, technology, and other resources to help you while enrolled.  

LCCC has the resources to assist any student in returning and making progress towards their academic goals. Begin planning your return by connecting with your academic advisor


Programs to Help you Return

LCCC’s Balance Forgiveness Program

LCCC recognizes that prior balances may present a challenge to return and meet educational goals. If you are a former student who owes a balance to Lorain County Community College, you may be eligible for assistance in returning back to school. 

Contact Felicia Mitcheff (440) 366-4818 or complete the form below to determine if you qualify for assistance with you prior balance.


Ohio College Comeback – Balance Forgiveness

Through the Ohio College Comeback Compact, you are eligible to re-enroll at Lorain County Community College or any of the Compact colleges and universities. If you are unable to receive your transcripts due to a balance on your student account at one of the compact membership colleges or universities below, this program can help you get back to your academic and career goals. The Compact is designed to forgive the debt up to $5,000 and have your transcript released to a school participating in the program.

 Contact Felicia Mitcheff (440) 366-4818 for complete the form below to determine if you qualify for assistance with you prior balance.


Complete the Balance Forgiveness Form

  • Name
  • Address


Second Chance Grant Program (Ohio Department of Higher Education)

LCCC is a participating college in Ohio Department of Higher Education’s Second Chance Grant pilot program, which is designed to reduce financial barriers preventing Ohioans with some college credit from returning to complete their degrees. Under this program, any student who meets the following criteria is eligible to receive up to $2,000 towards their return to college: Qualifications include:

  • Ohio resident
  • Has not completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Stepped away from a public college or university within the last five years
  • Was in good academic standing at the time of stop-out (Read what this means at LCCC.)

If you meet the above criteria,

  1. Complete the Second Chance online application
  2. Complete the FAFSA
  3. Enroll for Classes

LCCC, through the Second Chance program, will then request the funds from ODHE to cover the rest of your costs to return.