Cross registration is a program sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) which is a consortium of Northeast Ohio colleges and universities dedicated to developing academic and cultural resources.

Cross-Registering from LCCC

Currently enrolled, full-time LCCC students in good financial and academic standing may take one undergraduate course per term at any other participating college. Tuition is free at the host institution, but the student will have to pay any special fees involved (lab, books, parking, etc.). Registration is limited to fall and spring semesters.

Registration is limited on a space-available basis, and registration may occur at different times at the host college. Interested students may obtain a Cross Registration Form from Enrollment Services.

Cross-Registering into LCCC

Students from other participating NOCHE institutions may obtain the REQUIRED cross registration form from their home institution. Registration is limited on a space-available basis and will be accepted from the first day of the term through Friday of the first week of the term. Cross registration for students from other colleges taking courses at LCCC must be processed in the Records office. More information is available from Enrollment Services.