As part of the LCCC Prepared planthe Testing Center, located in CC 233 on the second floor of College Center,  is open on an appointment-only basis.

ALEKS Math Testing must be taken in-person and requires an appointment. Schedule your appointment online or contact the Testing Center at (440) 366-7773 or


Testing Center Hours


Schedule your appointment online or contact the Testing Center at (440) 366-7773 or to schedule an appointment. If you are an at-risk individual, please let the testing center staff know when you schedule your appointment. 

  • LCCC Writing Sample and ACCUPLACER are available remotely as well as in-person with appointment.

YOU MUST CHECK IN with the Testing Center Sign-In Service Desk a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time. A photo ID is required for testing. If you will be taking only a one portion of assessment, a referral for Academic Advisor is required.

If you need to cancel your appointment or have any questions, please call Testing and Assessment desk at 440-366-7773 or send email to  at least 24 hours in advance.


Take the Accuplacer assessment remotely




   Testing and Assessment Center Hours

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Please contact Accessibility Services to discuss options for testing with accommodations before taking the placement assessment. 

Preparing for the Placement Assessment

LCCC uses a writing sample for English placement and ALEKS for math placement. Additional testing through ACCUPLACER for English may be required, please consult with your academic advisor regarding this.

The  ALEKS Placement Assessment is used to assess your skills in math. ALEKS Math Testing is in-person and requires an appointment. Schedule your appointment online  or contact the Testing Center at (440) 366-7773 or

Writing Sample Preparation

Review instructions for the LCCC English Placement Essay  

Math Preparation

Review Algebra videos developed by our LCCC Math faculty

ACCUPLACER Preparation

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER using the new Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Study Resources

Learn more about Next-Generation ACCUPLACER – For Reading and Writing ONLY.

Test Anxiety Strategies

Explore strategies to minimize test anxiety.


About the Placement Assessment

Most applicants are REQUIRED to participate in a placement assessment process. The placement assessment includes, but is not limited to, an evaluation of reading, language usage and mathematical skills. Based on the results of the placement assessment process, placement in courses commensurate with a student’s academic achievement is mandatory. This assessment must be completed prior to enrolling in the following:

  • More than one course (three or four credit hours in length).
  • Any mathematics course.
  • ENGL 161.
  • Any course requiring college-level reading and/or English 161 as a prerequisite or co-requisite.
  • Any science course with mathematics as a prerequisite.

Students wishing to enroll in advanced courses in mathematics or certain science courses will be required to complete the mathematics section of the placement assessment. Additional information can be obtained in Enrollment Services.

Students must have certain scores on the Placement Assessment to be able to attend LCCC credit classes.   Students who do not meet these standards may be referred to ASPIRE for remediation.  Situations involving a wide variance between or among scores will be addressed on an individual basis.

Common Questions

What is the Placement Assessment? Why is it important?
Placement assessment in sentence structure, reading, and various levels of math helps advisors place you in the proper courses as you begin your studies at Lorain County Community College. The assessment is designed to improve your chances of success here at LCCC. If you are placed in a course that is too easy for you, you may get bored and lose interest. On the other hand, if you are placed in a course that is too difficult, you may become overwhelmed and lose confidence in your abilities.

Should I review first?
Yes. Reviewing may help you to bypass some courses and place into a higher starting level. This is especially true in math. This guide contains sample items or using the Accuplacer web-based app which will help you to have a more successful assessment experience.

When am I required to complete the assessment?
Placement Assessment must be completed prior to enrolling in:

  1. More than one course (three or four credit hours in length).
  2. Any mathematics course.
  3. ENGL 161.
  4. Any course requiring college-level reading and/or English 161 as a prerequisite or corequisite.
  5. Any science course with mathematics as a prerequisite.

Are there any exceptions?
Exceptions to the assessment might include:

  1. A student who has completed an associates degree or higher at an accredited institution
  2. A transient student in good standing
  3. A student with an ACT or SAT score (with documentation):
    • A student with an ACT English score of 18 or SAT English Writing score of 430 and SAT Critical Reading score of 480 or, effective March 2016, a 490 in Evidenced-Based English/Reading.
    • A student with an ACT Mathematics score of 22 or SAT Mathematics score of 530
    • A student with an ACT reading score of 22 or SAT reading score of 450 or 480 490 effective March 2016 in Evidence-Based English/Reading.
  4. A senior adult learner
  5. A student registering for audit
  6. A Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education cross-registration student
  7. Students with AP credits in math or English
  8. Recent high school graduates with 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA (exception for Writing Sample only).

If I have a learning disability, are special arrangements available?
Yes. If you have a disability, call Accessibility Services at (440) 366-4058 and request special assessment arrangements.

If English is not the language in which you learned to read and write, you may complete the English as a Second Language Placement Assessment. Please contact the International Initiatives Office at 440-366-4069 for more information.

Do I need computer skills?
You will need basic computer skills. You will find that the placement system is very user-friendly.