Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LCCC testing centers are partially open to the public. However, the following guidance is designed to help students complete placement testing on campus or remotely.

New or existing students may take their placement tests remotely with no testing fee required. 


Remote Assessment for CCP Students


Which Assessment(s) Should you Take? 

Many factors are considered to determine which assessment is right for you based on your unweighted high school GPA, time out of high school, transfer credits from other colleges, and scores on tests like the ACT and SAT. 

Math – If you are a new or transfer student who has not taken a placement assessment or completed college-level math, complete the ALEKS assessment. 

English – Locate your assigned advisor’s name in MyCampus (Click Student Services – Check the Right Column) to schedule a phone or virtual appointment with your advisor and determine which assessments you will need to take. If you graduated from high school within the past 10 years and earned a 2.5 GPA, you do not need to submit the writing sample. Your advisor will discuss other factors that determine your placement assessment plan.  Upon completing the assessments, meet with your assigned academic advisor to review your results and register for classes. Your advisor will determine if you need to take the Accuplacer Writing exam.


Before You Begin

You will need: 

  • An LCCC student identification number. You are assigned a Student ID number when you complete the online application process
  • A computer that meets the system requirements listed below.

Retesting will require a new voucher request form. Testing fees will apply to students who take Accuplacer or ALEKS math for other college or university.

Testing deadlines to enroll are the same as the Enrollment Process deadlines. 

You must complete Accuplacer and ALEKS math in one sitting. There is no option to “Save and Finish Later.”




Writing Sample

The Writing Sample Instructions provide you with information about how to access and submit the writing sample. In order to receive your scores, you will follow up with your assigned academic advisor.  For additional assistance or questions regarding your scores, contact Melissa Berens at mberens@lorainccc.edu. Allow at least 48 hours for your writing sample assessment to be graded and the scores to be posted.



ALEKS (Math) Test

Math calculators are available on-screen when provided; otherwise, you may not use a calculator. View this guide for more information. 

Make sure your computer meets the ALEKS system requirements

These codes will be needed during the ALEKS registration process

  • Traditional or Adult Students ALEKS math course code: NUPXF-4N4HR
  • CCP Student ALEKS math course code: DR9DX-KUMTD


ALEKS Instructions

  1. Go to http://www.aleks.com and click on Sign Up Now.
  2. User name will be provided in the email, and a one-time password will be used (you will be asked to set a password).
  3. Enter the course code click on following link for course code.
    (Note: If you are on a public computer, please make sure your log out of your session.)

  4. Please complete the survey and tutorial prior to testing as this will save you time while testing and help you become more familiar with the test.
  5. If you don’t remember your ALEKS password or login. Visit ALEKS.com and choose “Forgot your login info?”
  6. Enter your personal or LCCC email, depending on the email you used when account was first created and then use the email from ALEKS to set a password at ALEKS.com.





Accuplacer (Reading and Writing) Testing

Accuplacer is offered through Examity. Please review the system requirements and follow the instructions below. 


Examity® System Requirements

  • A desktop computer or laptop (not a tablet, Chromebook or cell phone).
  • A working, built-in or external webcam and microphone. Troubleshoot problems with your webcam or microphone at: Webcam Check.
  • Internet speed of at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended. Determine your internet speed by running a test at Speed Test.
  • Run an Examity Computer Requirements test at Computer Readiness Check.

Accuplacer with Examity Students Quick Guide 


Accuplacer Remote Testing Instructions

  1. Fill out the Accuplacer Virtual/ Remote Test Voucher Request form
  2. Wait for an email response from Accuplacer with your 8-digit voucher number. Do not attempt to test without the voucher number.
  3. Register for online proctoring by selecting “Lorain County Community College – US” from the drop menu. In the event you need to reschedule or cancel your test, follow the instructions to do so on this account.
    Note: Examity uses the term Voucher Number on their testing appointment notes, it is not the same as a Accuplacer Voucher Number.
  4. After receiving your 8-digit voucher number from Accuplacer, make your testing appointment through Examity. You should select the “Schedule Exam” page and the complete your profile (if necessary) then go back to schedule exam.
  5. Select Institution Name: “Lorain County Community College – US” Exam Name – Accuplacer.
  6. Choose your requested date and time from the calendar option. The time you are choosing is your local time zone (the time zone you selected when registering).
  7. Enter the Accuplacer voucher number that was issued to you via email.
  8. Continue with the final instructions given (including payment if taking for other college or universities).
    You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your online-proctored placement test.  Please keep this email as it includes specific instructions to test on the date and time you have chosen.




Virtual/Remote Testing Contact Information

Please contact the Testing Center staff with any questions at testingcenter@lorainccc.edu. Our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible. For additional testing information, please visit the Testing Center website

Accuplacer (Examity) Technical Support is available on Examity dashboard as well as Examity Chat on Accuplacer Testing Pages. Contact the Examity student support center at (855) 392-6489.

ALEKS Math Student Support is available at (714) 619-7090 or at http://www.ALEKS.com.  

Please contact your academic advisor if an Accuplacer assessment referral is required. If you don’t have an assigned advisor, call 440-366-4032 or contact Melissa Berens at mberens@lorainccc.edu.

If you need accommodations due to a disability, please contact Accessibility Services, accessibility@lorainccc.edu for assistance in starting the process.