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How do I choose my classes?

All available classes for the upcoming term are listed in the Online Class Schedule or by searching courses in MyCampus.

Academic advisors are available to help you select and register for your courses, or you can choose your own courses and register on your own.

If you are selecting and registering for courses on your own, be sure to:

  • Understand the degree or certificate requirements listed in the curriculum guide for your program.
  • Plan for the whole year. If you are near graduation, be sure to understand when the courses you need will be offered. Many courses are only offered in one semester every year, so you always want to plan ahead.
  • Understand prerequisites. These are courses that must be taken before you can enroll in another course. For example: College Composition I (ENGL 161) is a prerequisite for College Composition II (ENGL 162). This means that ENGL 161 must be successfully completed before you can enroll in ENGL 162. If a course has a prerequisite, it will be listed in the course description.


When can I register?

Registration for fall and summer semester opens every March. Spring semester enrollment opens in October. Check the academic calendar for specific dates.

Scheduled Registration

Registration is limited during the first week of enrollment. Check the Registration Schedule to find out when you are eligible to register for classes.


Registration Methods

Online Registration

Eligible returning students can register online at

Check out these helpful resources before you register:

  Using MyCampus

  Registering for a Course

  Understanding Section Numbers


In Person

You may register in person in Enrollment Services. If you need help selecting courses, you can meet with an academic advisor or counselor in Enrollment Services during normal business hours.


Phone, Mail or Fax

Contact the LCCC Records Office to register by phone, mail or fax.