Registration Schedule

Spring 2023 Registration Schedule

The first week of registration follows the schedule below, allowing students closest to graduation an opportunity to register first. 

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DateTimeMinimum Earned
Credit Hours

Monday, Oct. 9

8:30 am60 or more hours, veterans/military and SAIL students

Tuesday, Oct. 10

8:30 am40 or more hours and scholarship recipients (Diversity, Presidential and Trustee)

Wednesday, Oct. 11

8:30 am25 or more hours, student workers and student senators

Thursday, Oct. 12

8:30 am10 or more hours and athletes

Friday, Oct. 13

8:30 am10 or more hours and athletes

Monday, Oct. 16

8:30 amOpen enrollment
(Including College Credit Plus)

You are not required to register on your scheduled day.

The schedules are only for those students who wish to register early. You may register at any time on or after your scheduled start date. 

View Credits Earned

  • Log into MyCampus.  
  • Under “Academics,” click on the dropdown menu
  • Select “Grades” and then click the “Go” button
  • Select the most current term

The screen will show your current grade point average and earned credit hours (called “Units Taken Toward GPA”).

Please do not attempt to register prior to your scheduled date. The MyCampus Online Registration system will not accept your registration prior to your scheduled date.  You may register any time after your scheduled start date and time. We appreciate your cooperation.   


Visit Enrollment Services in the Bass Library/Community Resource Center or call 440-366-4032.    

Nursing Student Registration

Individuals currently enrolled in an Health & Wellness program should consult their program director for information regarding how to register for their clinical coursework.