Enrollment Services Division


As a new LCCC student, you may feel a little uneasy about being in this new environment. We understand this is a big step and we’re here for you! Student Development (SDEV) is a course you will take in your first semester that welcomes you as a valuable member of LCCC’s campus community and gives you the information and resources you’ll need to feel comfortable and complete your degree.  Additional SDEV courses are offered to enhance career decision-making.


Student Development Programs and Courses

Success Coaching and Mentoring Program

Student Development Courses

Avanzando Through College


Student Development Team

Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Services
Dr. Marisa Vernon White, Ph.D

Executive Assistant
Colleen Miller

Staff Associate
Sarah Chapman

Adjunct Faculty

Teresa Andreani

Joanna Broome

Bernadette Colegrove, M.Ed; LSW

Tyla Corlew

Natalie Daniels

Robert Doering

Carol Dutczak

Dina Ferrer M.Ed.

Laurel Gibbs

Pamela Goswick

Andrea Graves

Delite Gross

Amanda Haney

Lucia Heddleson

Arlena Lockard

Janet Maltbie

Cindy McCabe

Kate Miller

Desmond Mitchell

Carolyn Modic

Tracey Naymik

Michelle Pawlak

Susan Paul

Trista Prechtel

Gregory Rivera

Laura Rouse

Lynette Scott MSN, RN

Maria Sosa

Dr. Wendy Stone Scott  (Coordinator)

Cassandra Tenorio

Christopher Wenz