Any qualified students who have attended other colleges or universities are welcome to attend.

Will your classes transfer?

The receiving institution will need to evaluate all credits and make the final determination. Online tools like Transferology can help give you an idea. This nation-wide network is designed to help students explore college transfer options. 

  Explore Transferology to find out how your college classes can transfer to LCCC. 

Transfer Student Enrollment Process

Students will receive a Notification of Credit Accepted email to their LCCC email account from the Registrar’s Office when the evaluation is completed. The evaluation becomes part of the student’s permanent student achievement file. If student is unable to obtain official transcripts from one or more college or university, please contact the Registrar’s office at 440-366-4074 or email for more information.

Only credits and hours are transferable; transfer grade point averages/grades do not replace LCCC grades on the official LCCC transcript. Transfer credit is granted for college-level and some technical courses earned at regionally accredited institutions of higher education on a course-by-course basis. Credit received on a “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” or “credit/no credit” basis will be evaluated using the same process as graded courses. LCCC translates “satisfactory” or “credit” as the equivalent of the student having passed the class.

A transfer student who is under academic probation at another college or university may be admitted as a probationary student. A student’s record is subject to review by the Committee on Admissions and Scholastic Standing.

More and more students are discovering the transfer path to LCCC. The College accepts students from other institutions. In addition, it is possible to transfer from LCCC to any University Partnership institution or other four-year colleges or universities.