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    A member of our Enrollment Services team will review your previous coursework to verify that you meet the pre-requisites to take the course you have listed above. In some cases, advisors may not be able to verify course equivalents (ex: the college not listed in the equivalency database, the college is out of state, etc). If you have attended multiple colleges for prerequisite course work, please upload documentation from all colleges attended.
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    Upon completion of your course work at LCCC, you will need to request a copy of your official transcript from LCCC to be sent back to your home institution. Transcripts can be requested online using MyCampus. To request transcripts in MyCampus, select “Grade Posting” as your processing option, then select the term your LCCC courses were taken to ensure your transcript is not sent before your final grade is posted.

    Any documentation attached to this form will only be used for prerequisite verification purposes for the above listed course registration. If you wish to register for future semesters, you will need to complete Transient Student Registration Form every term you re-visit LCCC. Any changes to registration can be completed in discussion with an appropriate personnel as long as space is available in the course.
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