If you are a student at another college or university, you can take classes at LCCC for credit at your home institution.

Get Started as a Visiting (Transient) Student

Follow the instructions at the link below to enroll as a Visiting (Transient) student:

  Visiting (Transient) Student Enrollment Process


Getting Transient Permission from YOUR college or University

As a visiting (transient) student, you must first ensure the LCCC classes you are taking will transfer back to your college or university.

  1. Select the course(s) you want to take from the Online Class Schedule.
  2. Meet with your adviser, counselor or other appropriate person at your college or university to determine the proper course work at LCCC and to ensure transferability for your degree requirements.
  3. Obtain transient student permission from your college or university. This is a formal authorization to enroll in another college and is verification that your home school accepts successfully completed course work. This permission is usually in a standard form or letter from an advisor or counselor. However, you may use the Sample Transient Letter, if approved by your college or university.

If your institution does not provide transient student permission letters, you may be required to provide an official transcript and/or take the placement assessment.

Registering for LCCC Classes

Follow the steps in the Visiting (Transient) Student Process.

Complete the Course Registration form to indicate which classes you will take.

To register for classes, use one of the following methods:

In Person

  • Visit Enrollment Services.
  • Bring your Course Registration Form and your Transient Letter (see Step 3 above) to the Enrollment Services desk to register for classes.
  • Although not required, you may meet with an advisor or counselor.

By Phone

  • Fax your Transient letter to the Records Office at (440) 366-4167 or email your Transient Letter to the Records Office at records@lorainccc.edu.
  • Call the Records Office at (440) 366-4067 and indicate the classes you wish to take.

Sending Transcripts Back to Your College

After completion of your LCCC course, be sure to complete the process to have your transcript sent to your college or university so they can evaluate and award you credit for the course.

  Request a Transcript

Important Documents

   Transient Transcript Evaluation Request Form

  Sample Transient Letter

  Transient Course Registration form

Need Help?

More information is available from the LCCC Records Office at (440) 366-4067.