We understand your plans may have changed for spring 2021 and that you may be looking to stay closer to home. LCCC is here to help you through your unique situation, and make this transition as seamless as possible. 


Register for Spring Classes

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Applying and Registering at LCCC

Here are some of the frequently asked questions to guide you in making this change for spring 2021:


Applying to LCCC

What “student type” should I select on my LCCC application?

As a student who has changed their plans for spring 2021, you may fall into one of three categories. Our Enrollment Services team can also assist you in changing your student type after acceptance, if needed:

*Note, if you have applied to LCCC or taken classes with us previously, you will not need to apply again

  • New Students are students who are new to college and intend to enroll at LCCC for multiple semesters
  • Transfer Students are students who have earned previous college credit from a college other than LCCC
  • Transient Students are students with a “home institution” other than LCCC (ie, attending LCCC for one semester, but are considered a student elsewhere)


Registering Based on Your University Class Schedule

I was registered for classes at another institution for spring 2021. Can I use this schedule to determine what to take at LCCC?

LCCC offers hundreds of transferable courses, and can assist you in finding the LCCC equivalent on your spring 2021 schedule. Have a copy of your schedule on hand when you speak with your LCCC academic advisor, who can help you find the courses that will transfer to your university. You can explore this independently before your advising appointment using Transferology.


Placement Assessment

Do I need to take a placement test at LCCC?

If you have already been registered at another institution for spring 2021, or have previous college credits, you may not need to complete another placement test here at LCCC. When you meet with your LCCC advisor, please have your previous placement scores (and the type of test used), as well as your existing schedule, ACT/ SAT scores, and unofficial transcripts if you have earned college credits elsewhere.


Submitting Documents

Will I need to submit official documents (HS transcripts, previous college transcripts) to LCCC?

Yes. While we can use unofficial copies of your information to get you started and for advising, students attending LCCC are required to have official high school transcripts, college transcripts from other institutions they have attended on file. Learn more about on sending your transcripts to LCCC.


Presidential, Trustee and Diversity Incentive Award Scholarships

I am a 2020 Lorain County high school graduate, and was originally eligible for LCCC’s Presidential, Trustee, or Diversity Incentive Award Scholarships. Can I still claim my scholarship and apply it to spring 2021?

Yes! You can still accept your fall 2020 scholarship. Also, 2020 Lorain County high school graduates are eligible to receive $500 in additional support to assist with costs associated with COVID-19 disruption and movement to remote delivery of courses and services as a response to the pandemic.


Financial Aid

What about my Financial Aid? I thought I would be going elsewhere for spring 2021. What do I do next?

First, identify if you are a new or transfer student (committing to LCCC for a degree or program) or a transient student (just visiting – planning to return to your other, or “home” school). See above FAQ on student type for more information.

New or transfer students should add LCCC to their 2020-21 FAFSA by entering our federal school code, 003068. Financial Services will receive your FAFSA and process it. Monitor your LCCC student email for updates and advisory information about your financial aid eligibility at LCCC.

Transient students should start the “consortium agreement” process by contacting the financial aid office at their home school. Consortium agreements are between two schools to ensure that only one school processes financial aid for you. Part of the consortium agreement process also ensures the credits you earn from LCCC will transfer and be accepted by your home institution. Since financial aid will not apply to your student account/bill for tuition and fees at LCCC, you can pay for these courses “out of pocket” or use any overage in financial aid at your home institution to pay your bill at LCCC. Learn more about consortium agreements.