Below is contact information for the department that can answer various questions you may have.

If you have questions about: Contact Office Phone

Online registration (preferred method)

Apply and Register

LC 158 440-366-4032
Resources to pay for college

Student Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid

LC 146 440-366-4034
Educational and career planning Advisors 
LC 131 440-366-4033
Choosing a major Advising 
LC 131 440-366-4033
Transfer information and planning Advising
LC 131 440-366-4033
Personal or Academic Concerns Advising LC 131 440-366-4033
Academic Crisis Advising or your course instructor/professor LC 131 440-366-4033
Paying tuition/fees Student Accounts LC 146 440-366-4034
Scholarship information Student Financial Aid
LC 146 440-366-4034
Student and Off-Campus Employment, Internships, Resume Assistance, and Career Guidance Career Services
LC 131 440-366-4076
Academic transcripts (LCCC) Enrollment Services or online
LCCC Transcript Center
LC 158 440-366-4032
Books/supplies College Bookstore
College Center (first floor) 440-366-4055
Purchase bus pass College Bookstore College Center (first floor) 440-366-4055
Veteran’s concerns/questions Enrollment Services Veterans Advising Team
LC 158 440-366-4032
Academic Vice Presidents Provost/Vice President Academic and Learner Services
Dr. Jonathan Dryden
CC 210B 440-366-4052
  Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services
Marisa Vernon White
LC 102 440-366-7622
Academic Deans Allied Health, Nursing, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Monique Norfus
HS 223 440-366-7180
  Engineering, Business and Information Technologies
Kelly Zelesnik
AT 116 440-366-4005
  Arts & Humanities
Dr. Brenda Pongracz
SC 227 440-366-4013
  Science & Mathematics
Aaron Weiss
PS 210 440-366-7280
  Social Science & Human Services
Dr. Denise Douglas
PS 106 440-366-4021
Online courses & Canvas eLearning    
LC 234 440-366-7582
Planning campus activities Program Board, Student Life
CC 206 440-366-4036
Extracurricular activities Student Life Office CC 206 440-366-4036
Joining or forming a club Student Senate, Student Life CC 206 440-366-4036
Stolen property/car problems Campus Services
LC 102 440-366-4053
Lost/found items Campus Services Lost & Found LC 102 440-366-4053
If LCCC is closed due to inclement weather LCCC Website, LiveSafe Mobile app, LCCC Facebook, local TV stations.    
Special need (Physical or learning challenges) Accessibility Services
CC 234 440-366-4058
Housing, transportation and community resources Women’s and Men’s Link
CC 230 440-366-4035
Personal Crisis Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) LC First Floor 440-366-4272
EMERGENCY medical help Campus Services or Use Emergency Phones (press button for direct connection to 911) LC 102 440-366-4444
Lockers College Bookstore College Center (first floor) 440-366-4055
Evening information Campus Services LC 102 440-366-4053
Tutoring Academic Support Center (tutoring)
CC 204 440-366-4057
Places to study College Library
Bass Library-Community Resource Center 440-366-4026
Using a computer for class College Library and Computer Labs    
Non-credit course or seminars Enrollment Services or contact division sponsoring the course or seminar
LC 158 440-366-4034
Withdrawing from a course Enrollment Services (Check Academic Calendar for last day to withdraw)
LC 158 440-366-4034
Student ID/Library card College Library
Tickets for Stocker Center Box Office, Stocker Center (Student Discounts Available)
SC Lobby 440-366-4040
Varsity or Club Sports LCCC Athletics PE 104 440-366-4028, 440-366-7349, 440-366-7360
Professor’s extension Call the Academic Division or use faculty directory    
Learning English as a second language English as a Second Language
Dr. Karin Hooks or Sharon Van Houte
PC 113 440-366-7042, 440-366-7092
Allied health admissions procedures Enrollment Services
Academic Advisors
LC 158 4032
University Partnership University Center
Enrollment Services
UC 104
LC 158
Transcript evaluations from other schools; cross registration and transient applications Transfer Center (Registrar) /Special Admissions
LC 158 440-366-4074
College Credit Plus Program Admission Information Enrollment Services LC 158 440-366-4032
Verify Student Enrollment LCCC has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for all verifications of student enrollment. Please visit the National Student Clearinghouse website or contact them by phone at 703-742-4200.