Health and Wellness Sciences Division

Dr. Caryl Hess
Ext 4780
Room HS 223Q

Administrative Associates
Elizabeth Settle

Health and Wellness Division
Ext 7182
Room HS 223

Gina Maxwell
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Program
Ext 7598
Room PE 104

Administrative Assistants
Charles Nichols
Ext 7198
Room HS 223

Michelle Michener
Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education
Ext 7701
Room HS 223

Staff Associate
Jamesha Amerson
Ext 4178
Room HS 223

Associate Degree Nursing Faculty

Patricia Schrull, Program Director
Ext 7209
Room HS 223L

Renee Bell
Ext 7174
Room HS 111D

Nanci Berman
Ext 7180
Room HS 210A

Marianne Carvour
Ext 7122
Room UC 107B

Deena Collins
Nursing Lab Coordinator
Ext 7149
Room HS 111C

Mary Grady
Ext 4177
Room HS 210E

Phyllis Higley, Ph.D
Ext 7161
Room HS 223O

Judith Jorgensen
Ext 4108
Room HS 223G

Karen Joris
Advanced Placement Paramedic to RN Liaison
Ext 7156
Room HS 223D

Donna Lupinski
Advanced Placement LPN to RN Liaison 
Ext 7153
Room HS 223B

Hope Moon
Firelands-BGSU Coordinator
Ext 7183
Room HS 223Q

Debra O’Shaughnessy
Ext 7148
Room HS 210E

Tracy Parson
Ext 7111
Room HS 111E

Hannah Patawaran
Ext 4197
Room HS 210F

Judith Pulito
Ext 7173
Room UC 107F

Louise Reed
Clinical Coordinator
Ext 7158
Room HS 223A

Cheryl Shultz
Ext 7154
Room UC 107E

Christine Taylor
Ext 7181
Room UC 107C

Barbara Wilford
Ext 7162
Room HS 210K

Clinical Laboratory Science 

Cheryl Selvage
Program Director
Ext 4139
Room HS 223K

Melanie Forren
Ext 7179
Room HS 210N

Dental Hygiene

Ihor Suszko, DDS
Program Director
Ext 7196
Room HS 223V

Teri Weber, Dental Clinic Office
Ext 7450
Room HS 106

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Craig Peneff, Program Director
Ext 7189
Room HS 223W

Michelle Yuhasz
Ext 7176
Room HS 223F

Emergency Medical Services/Fire Science

Dawn Sgro 
Program Director
Ext 7186
Room HS 210D

Medical Assisting

Ana Parrilla, Program Director
 (440) 233-2309
 LCCC Community Center at Lorain High School

Health, Physical Education and Recreation Program

Lisa Augustine
Program Coordinator
Ext 7352
Room PE 104

Mary Jo DiGiandomenico
Health and Wellness, Fitness
Ext 7351
Room PE 104G

Doug Herndon
Fitness Center Coordinator
Extension 7350
Room PE 126

Kathryn Orantek
Facility and Wellness Coordinator
Ext 7348
Room PE 104

Tom Paulchell
Ext 7358
Room PE 104F

Jim Powers
Instructor,  Recreation and Noncredit Coordinator
Ext 7652
Room PE 104I

Nurse Aid Training

Linda Sulkowski
Program Director
Ext 4508
Room HS 111L

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Barbara Haase
Program Director
(419) 499-5283
EHOVE Care Center, Room 905

Teri LaGuardia
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
(419) 499-5238
EHOVE Care Center, Room 905

Physical Therapist Assisting

John Myers
Program Director
Ext 7881
Room HS 223M

Carrie Chapman
Extension 7210
Room HS 223E

Practical Nursing

Aileen Maslinski
Program Director
Extension 7466
Room HS 210B

Deborah Brown
Ext 7193
Room HS 210C

Radiologic Technology

Jeffrey Walmsley
Program Director
Ext 7197
Room HS 210G

Lisa Heyd
Ext 7191
Room HS 223N

Respiratory Care

Rod Roark
Program Director
Ext 4790
Room UC 114

Surgical Technology

Timothy Teets
Program Director
Ext 7178
Room HS 111F