Course Code Class Name
URBS 152 Contemporary Urban Studies
ENGL 291 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature
ALHN 122/
SRGT 221
Health Care in Developing Nations
CHNS 151 Elementary Chinese I
THTR 184 Multicultural Performance Studies

The following courses will only have certain designated sections that contain a global component. Students are advised to consult the LCCC website or division representative before enrolling.

Course Code Class Name
TCMN 151  Introduction to Mass Media
ENGL 161 College Composition I (required)
ENGL 162 College Composition II (required)
HUM 271 Introduction to Mythology
ARTS 277 Typography
THTR 151 Introduction to Theatre
CMMC 151 Oral Communication
ENGL 267 Children’s Literature
ENGL 255 Introduction to Fiction
NURS 115 Basic Nursing Concepts
SOCY 265 Death and Dying
SOWK 252 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
ACTG 152 Accounting Principles II
MKRG 251 Principles of Marketing
ECED 162 Social Studies for Young Children