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Dean, Arts and Humanities
Interim Associate Provost, University Partnership 

Dr. Brenda Pongracz
Ext: 7192, SC 227

Administrative Assistant

Zana Ganim
Ext: 7184, SC 239

Staff Associate

Ext:  4013, SC 239

Visual Arts

Joshua Eiskamp
Instructor and Art Program Coordinator
Ext: 7114, SC 247

Diane Marrapese
Arts Laboratory Instructional Assistant
Ext: 7130, Room SC 105

Art/Graphic Design

Leigh Hughes
Assistant Professor
Ext: 7100,  PC 209G

Gregory Little
Associate Professor
Ext: 7107,  PC 208H


Tammy Bosley Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Communication Program Coordinator
Extension 7098, SC 240

Culinary Arts

Adam Schmith
Culinary Program Chef and Director of Culinary Arts
Ext: 7740, CU 222

Bradley Ball
Culinary Program Chef
Ext: 7546, CU222


Mollie Chambers, D.Ed.
Extension 4858, CU 224

Daniel J. Cleary, Ph.D.
Ext: 7118, SC 230

Kimberly Greenfield-Karshner
Professor and English Chair/English Coordinator
Ext: 7117, Room SC 235

Karin L. Hooks, Ph.D.
Ext.  7102, SC 244

William Hughes, Ph.D.
Ext: 7133, HS 111J

Byoung K. Park, Ph.D.
Ext: 7113,  SC 240A

Amy Scott-Douglass, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Ext. 7714, SC 244

Justin Sevenker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Writing Program Coordinator
ext. 7426, SC 243

Jewon Woo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ext.  7104, SC 232

Foreign Languages  (ARAB, CHNS, FRNH, ITLN, SPNH)

Gregory Rivera
Professor and Foreign Languages Program Coordinator
Ext: 7132,  SC 236

Sharon Van Houte
Ext: 7092,  CC 205 B

International Initiatives/ESL

Dr. Shaun Marsh
Director of International Education
Ext: 7042, CC 205

Sharon Van Houte
Ext: 7092,  CC 205 B

MaryBeth Yates
Project Coordinator
Ext: 4929, CC 205 D

ESL Office Phone: 4069, CC 205


Clifford Anthony
Collegian Advisor
Ext: 7729, CC 208


Gerald Evans, Ph.D.
Professor and Music Program Coordinator
Ext: 7096, SC 233

Jeffrey C. Mumford
Distinguished Professor
Ext:  7093, HS 111 J1


Benjamin Cordry, Ph.D.
Ext: 4732,  SC 248

J. Robert Loftis, Ph.D.
Ext: 7139, SC 229


Young Woon Ko, Ph.D.
Ext: 7110, HS 111I


Delite Gross
Professor and Telecommunications Program Coordinator
Ext:  7095,  SC 234


Jeremy Benjamin
Theater Program Coordinator
Ext: 7120, SC 228

April Rock
Costume Shop Supervisor
Extension 7140, SC 187

Emeritus Faculty

Iona Abraham, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus – English

Robert Beckstrom, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus – Music

Ext: 7108, SC185

Nancy Davis

Professor Emeritus – Music
Ext: 7138,  SC 236

Robert Dudash
Professor Emeritus – Humanities
Extension 7420,  SP 108C

Nancy Halbrooks

Professor Emeritus – Visual Arts

Kevin Hoskinson
Professor Emeritus – English
Ext:  7375, UC 107E

Patty Mack

Professor Emeritus – English and Humanities.
Ext. 4857, CU 221

Marilyn J. Valentino, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus -Communication
Ext. 7103, CU 219