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Many of our student-athletes from LCCC go on to continue their success competing at a four-year school. Below you will find a list of colleges they chose.



  • Garrett Mullins, 2013-15, Dakota State
  • Zach Minney, 2015-16, Youngstown State
  • Ryan Danszczak, 2016-18, OSU Mansfield
  • Tyler LaGuardia, 2016-18, Walsh University
  • Gavin Taulbee, 2016-18, Hiram College
  • Jesse Barrios, 2017-19, Lake Erie College
  • Nate Bonacuse, 2017-18, OSU Mansfield



  • Marvin "Chico" Coleman, 2013-15, Notre Dame College
  • Brandon Lawler, 2013-15, Holy Cross College
  • Mike Rell, 2016-18, Mansfield University (PA)
  • Dan Lott, 2017-18, Notre Dame College
  • Miles Meredith, 2017-18, Miles College (AL)
  • Jovan Jones, 2017-19, Central State
  • Thomas Hronis, 2017-19, Concordia University (MI)



  • Onyx Lopez, 2014-16, Wright State - Lake Campus
  • Hannah Oehlstrom, 2017-19, Ursuline College



  • Hannah Cook, 2011-13, Coker University
  • Alycia Mathis, 2014-16, Lindenwood University
  • Gabrielle Post, 2017-19, Ursuline College
  • Martin Russ, 2010-12, Bluffton University
  • Marshall Farnsworth, 2013-15, Shawnee State
  • Micah Swartz,  2017-19, University of Toledo



  • Gabby Woods, 2013-15, Lake Erie College
  • Angela Dunn, 2017-19, Baldwin Wallace

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Where Are They Now? – Jasmine White

March 24, 2021 This week we catch up with Jasmine White, a former LCCC Basketball student-athlete! Jasmine has some great advice for current student-athletes at the end of the interview! It was great catching up with her. 



Jasmine White, Basketball

Major: Business

High School: Wellington High School

Hometown: Wellington, OH 


What are you up to these days? (Career/Family/Kids)

I am a licensed insurance agent. 

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome as an athlete or in life? 

During my second year, I had a concussion and it was really hard for me to sit on the sidelines while my team played.

What are some of your favorite memories at LCCC?

The overnight trips were always fun.  Sarah Kyser, Sami Shaw, (from the LCCC Women’s Basketball team), and I played on the softball team at lc when they had one. That’s another great memory. 

Are there teammates/coaches/professors you still keep in touch with today?

I follow all of the girls on social media and we all comment on each other’s posts and wish each other a happy birthday. 

What sports/activities did you compete in during your high school days?

Softball and Basketball. 

Are you still in the area or have family here?

Yes. I moved cities but I still stay around Lorain/Medina County.

What advice would you give an incoming student-athlete?

Do all of the things you can. Go to all of the open gyms, practices, team dinners, everything. One day you’ll regret not giving it your all.