Frequently Asked Questions

LCCC Athletics

 What should I do if I am interested in participating in LCCC athletics?

  • The first thing to do is let us know you are interested .  Fill out and submit the Athletics Interest Inquiry Form.
  • Talk to the LCCC coach about your background academically/athletically when he/she gets in touch with you after submitting the interest form.
  • Give the Athletic Director a call with any additional questions.

How many seasons may I participate in sports?

  • Athletes are permitted two (2) seasons of competition at any NJCAA institution, if they have not participated in any intercollegiate level during the two previous seasons. Participating in one or more regularly scheduled events prior to post-season competition uses up a season of eligibility.

How much time is required to participate in intercollegiate athletics at LCCC?

  • Once games/meets begin during the season , possibly a maximum of 20 hours per week. 
  • During pre-season and off-season, much less time will be required. Time requirement during this time could be 10 hours or less per week.

Are there athletic scholarships available?

  • Because LCCC is a Division III school, no athletic scholarships are available.  The LCCC Financial Aid Department will work with the athlete to assemble the best financial aid package possible for eligible students.

Is my field of study available and how do I find out about academic programs available?

  • Recently named first in the nation of community colleges for Excellence in Student Success, LCCC offers 100 plus credit programs and majors, along with 50+ bachelor’s and master’s degree programs from 14 of Ohio’s top universities and colleges through the LCCC University Partnership.
  • Go to and click on Programs and Careers for more information regarding what academic programs are available at LCCC.

Is there an advisor available to help in choosing what classes I should be taking?

  • Every student is assigned their own personal advisor based on their program or major. LCCC advisors are trained to advise students about academic and career goals, and keep the student on the path to graduation. In addition, the Athletic Department can assist the advisor to make sure the student-athlete is in compliance with NJCAA eligibility rules.

Is there any tutoring help if I am struggling in class?

  • Yes. Study Tables are organized by the Athletic Department once a week. Personalized academic support services are also available through the Academic Support Center provided to currently enrolled students. In addition, eTutoring is offered as an extension to the face-to-face tutoring to provide free, professional online tutoring.

Is housing available?

  • No, housing is not available through Athletics.
  • There are apartment complexes near campus and in the vicinity. 
  • As a Division III college, neither the coaches nor the Athletic Department can assist you with finding housing.  Your advisor should be able to assist you in finding a list of contacts for apartment complexes close to LCCC. You can also ask other athletes for recommendations.

Is there travel involved?

  • Athletes will travel within Ohio, to some states surrounding Ohio, and perhaps further depending upon championship events or tournaments.

Is student medical insurance available?

  • Athletes are required to carry their own medical insurance. An Athletic Trainer will be available during home competitions. 

For additional information please call one of the following individuals:

Jim Powers
Club Sports Coordinator 440-366-7652

Katie Marquard
Athletic Director 440-366-7346