JIMMY JOHN’S ATHLETE OF THE WEEK for October 15-21, 2018

Kara Sullinger

Kara Sullinger (5’9” Freshman from North Ridgeville (North Ridgeville HS))

Kara had 40 assists, 23 digs, 9 kills, 7 aces, and 2 block kills in LCCC’s two conference matches this week on the road against Hocking and Columbus State. Kara plays with passion, diving to the ground more than anyone else on the team (she even falls getting on and off the bus)! Kara is a first year nursing major as a freshman at LCCC, following her mother’s career path. Her favorite restaurant is The Waffle House. If Kara wasn’t going to be a nurse, she would want to be a mermaid. Her favorite number is “2” and her favorite saying is “double”. Great to have you part of our team Kara!