JIMMY JOHN’S ATHLETE OF THE WEEK for the Week of April 9-15, 2018

Jesse Barrios batting

JESSE BARRIOS (5’11”Freshman from Wooster (Home Schooled))
Jesse earns LCCC Athlete of the Week for the second week in a row for his performance. He went 15 for 23 (.652 batting average!) with 8 runs scored, 10 RBIs, 5 doubles, 1 homerun, and a walk in LCCC’s games last week, leading the team to 3 wins in 6 games against OSU Mansfield, Westmoreland, and CCAC Boyce. Jesse is the youngest of seven kids (two brothers and four sisters) in his family and his “super” mom homeschooled all of them. He started playing baseball when he was 5 years old and considers it the hardest sport to master the skills. Jesse drives from Wooster to LCCC every day, an hour commute, in order to save money towards his goal of going to a 4 year school. He is majoring in Sports Management. Congratulations on a great week Jesse!