Where Are They Now? – Alycia Mathis

Alycia Mathis
March 3, 2021 This week we catch up with Alycia Mathis, a former LCCC Women’s basketball and cross-country student-athlete. Alycia graduated from Lindenwood University and now lives in San Antonio, Texas where she coaches cross-country.



Alycia Mathis, Women’s Basketball + Cross Country 

Major: Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

High School: Elyria High School

4-Year School: Lindenwood University

Hometown: Elyria, OH 



What are you up to these days? (Career/Family/Kids)

I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas where I am a site coordinator for SA Youth at the middle school and high school levels (I teach and mentor) and coach cross country.

Did you continue your education or playing career at a four-year college? (Where/Sport/Achievements)

I went to Lindenwood University in St. Louis, MO on a cross country scholarship to get my bachelor’s degree. I no longer run, but I am about to embark on the journey to achieve my master’s degree in teaching and creative writing.

What are some honors you or your team earned at LCCC (Athletically/Academically)? Records held or broken?

Honor roll, Dean’s List, All American Athlete Award, 4th Place at the Bruce Bridgman FLCC Invitational, Age Div. 3rd place at the LCCC Penton Memorial Turkey Trot, Age Division Winner at the LCCC Santarelli Memorial Run. I also continuously beat my own personal records; started fresh in my first season (half way in the season) at a 30min 5k , ending my second season at 21:49. Fastest practice mile: 4:49, fastest race mile: 6:17 achieving my fastest race time and fastest mile in the same race after being on crutches for a week.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome as an athlete or in life? (Injuries/Other)

I was a full-time student, double athlete, and working two jobs. There were many obstacles I had to overcome and the wear and tear on my body made me more susceptible to injury one of which I had to endure in my second nationals race. My obstacles taught me perseverance and endurance just as much as running 3.1 miles a race.

What are some of your favorite memories at LCCC?

Turkey Trot races, helping coach prepare the field for runs, student picnic days, and helping coach run summer camps.

Are there teammates/coaches/professors you still keep in touch with today?

I keep in touch with Coach Powers and all of my first season teammates, we don’t talk all the time, but we make it a point to check in with each other. I do however talk to Elizabeth Turza more often.


Do you still compete in athletics or coach? Other interests/hobbies?

I coach cross country. I love to read, write, and workout.

What sports/activities did you compete in during your high school days?

I ran track in high school.

What advice would you give an incoming student-athlete?

Rest is just as important as training and learning. Learn to balance them and listen to your body.

Are you still in the area or have family here?

My family still resides in Lorain County.

What is something cool or unique about you that you’d like to share?

I am a faith blogger and my website is http://www.tattedtestimony.com.