Where Are They Now? – Christa Wodarczyk

Christa Wodarczyk

April 28, 2020 – We recently caught up with Christa Wodarczyk when she was named to the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference All-Decade Team in Women’s Basketball and thought it might be fun to get to know the former NJCAA All-American a bit better. Thank you, Christa, for being part of our new LCCC Where Are They Now? Series!



Women’s Basketball & Softball

Major:Public Health (2008-2012)
Columbia Station, OH
High School:
Columbia Station
Four-Year School:
Slippery Rock University

What are you up to these days?

I am now 29 years old, working for Dealer Tire as a Carline Specialist. I’ve been with Dealer Tire for 4 years. I am engaged to my Fiancé, David whom also attended LCCC.

Did you continue your education or playing career at a four-year college?

Yes, I played Basketball at Slippery Rock University.

Award: Athlete of the week 2/11/13 Averaged 16.0 points in two games and shot 78.6 percent from the field (11-of-14) and 87.5 percent from beyond the 3-point line (7-of-8).

What are some honors you or your team earned at LCCC?


  • Second team All-Ohio Community College Athletic Conference
  • Third team NJCAA All-America honors
  • Ohio Community College Athletic Conference (OCCAC) Player of the Week
  • George M. Day Award Recipient


  • NJCAA Women’s Basketball Division III Player of the Week (1/5/11)
  • Third team NJCAA All-America honors
  • Regional appearance

Why did you choose LCCC?

I was unsure what I wanted to major in and had a scholarship to LCCC. Also, I had wanted to continue to play sports in college.

How do you think LCCC prepared you for life or for what you are currently doing?

LCCC allowed me to continue my career academically and athletically. Almost all my credits were transferrable, making it an easy transition. I think most importantly, LCCC allowed me to be debt free. After graduating from Slippery Rock, I paid off all my college loans in one year.

What challenges (if any) did you face as a student-athlete? What lessons did you learn?

My first year at Slippery Rock was rough. I was a walk-on junior college transfer and had such talented teammates and competitors. It was hard to come from being a starter to riding the bench. I had to overcome several injuries. Ice baths were my best friend and almost a daily ritual. Every day was a grind: 5am practices, 8am classes, late night study tables, and babysitting during my free time was so exhausting. I fell asleep in almost all my classes and could barely focus. I had to switch majors from exercise science to public health just to stay afloat.  I learned how to manage my time and forfeited what one would consider, “a college experience”, in order to continue playing a sport that I loved. Though challenging, I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of.

What are some of your favorite memories at LCCC?

That’s a hard one. Any practice, game, or family (team) dinner was memorable. We just had a blast! My coach, Katie Street did a great job of documenting the season, so now I have a nice slideshow and binder of both seasons on and off the court.

Are there teammates/coaches/professors you still keep in touch with today?

Yes, I keep in touch with a lot of my team as well as Coach Street. We all get together from time to time.

Do you still compete in athletics or coach?

I coached JV at North Ridgeville for two years, but when I moved to Florida for a year with Dealer Tire, I had to give that up. I would like to get back into it again.

To stay active with sports, I play sand volleyball at Razzles every spring/summer and my coworkers at Dealer Tire play pickup basketball on a monthly basis.

What sports/activities did you compete in during your high school days?

Volleyball, basketball, and softball. One sport per season.

What advice would you give an incoming student-athlete?

Enjoy it! You only get so many years to play sports.

Are you still in the area or have family here?

Yes, I am actually moving to North Ridgeville in the fall.