Where Are They Now – Gabby Woods-Reed

April 14, 2021 – This week we catch up with Gabby Woods-Reed, a former LCCC Basketball and volleyball student-athlete! Gabby continued her volleyball career at Lake Erie College, where they had the best win record in the college’s history! 



Gabby Woods-Reed, Volleyball & Basketball

Years Attended:
Human Resources
High School:
Brookside High
Sheffield Lake

What are you up to these days? (Career/Family/Kids)

I got married in March 2020 in Cleveland, then we moved to Indiana in August. I am a portfolio manager for a credit union servicing organization based out of Cincy, OH. I get to work remotely, so that has been cool. I’m hoping to get back into coaching club volleyball.

Did you continue your education or playing career at a four-year college? (Where/Sport/Achievements)

I continued playing volleyball at Lake Erie College. We had the best win record in the college’s history, with over 20 wins each season. I received the 391 Award from my team, which was basically for showing up early, staying late and getting extra reps, and leading the team in work ethic.

What are some honors you or your team earned at LCCC (Athletically/Academically)? Records held or broken?

I received All American from the NJCAA for volleyball. Our team won regionals and came in 2nd place at Nationals, which was the first time the team qualified to go.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome as an athlete or in life? (Injuries/Other)

As an athlete, you’re always dealing with injuries, it’s part of the game. As a coach, you’d think you’d be pretty safe… I tore my ACL in my first year of coaching college volleyball while completing my MBA degree. The recovery was daunting and felt like it was going so slow. After PT and extra training, I was able to get back on the court within 9 months. Today, my vertical is better than ever!

What are some of your favorite memories at LCCC?

Every day of volleyball practice and games. We had such a great group of talented girls and coaches. I wish I could be playing with that group still. Our trip to Minnesota for Nationals…what a crazy experience. I loved our basketball program, Coach Naples and Paul were great to play under. I also enjoyed working in the Bass Library and interacting with the community.

Are there teammates/coaches/professors you still keep in touch with today?

I still keep in touch with the Whitsel family, and a few other teammates. Sometimes we run into each other at indoor volleyball leagues or beach leagues. The people at LCCC were my favorite part of the experience.


Do you still compete in athletics or coach? Other interests/hobbies?

I compete in volleyball tournaments or leagues whenever possible. I was the Grad Assistant Coach at Lake Erie after undergrad, then coached some high school and club volleyball. Currently, I love working out with my husband and going on walks together.

What sports/activities did you compete in during your high school days?

Volleyball, basketball, and track (discus, 4×8, and open 800)

What advice would you give an incoming student-athlete?

Your work ethic and mentality are everything. Train your mind like you would train your body. Be the first person in the gym and the last to leave. Push yourself and your teammates to always improve. Respect your coaches and teammates. Get a planner or calendar to help manage your classes and assignments along with your athletic schedule.

Are you still in the area or have family here?

I am in Muncie, IN now, but all of my family is still in Lorain County. I swing by into the college every now and then when I’m home to say “Hi” to the coaches.

What is something cool or unique about you that you’d like to share?

I never thought that I would play college volleyball, let alone at a 4 year college. I came from a small town high school and didn’t have any recruiting video to send out. LCCC gave me the opportunity to play both of the sports that I loved, which in turn got me several 4 year college scouts. Beginning my education and athletic career at LCCC was one of the best choices I’ve made.