Meet Coach Robert McClelland

Robert McClellandRobert McClelland is the coach of the Lorain County Community College eSports team. Robert was born and raised in Lorain, OH and graduated from Lorain Southview High School in 2005. He participated in band, competed in golf, and led the debate team (Model U.N.).

Since his early gaming years in the 2000s, Robert has kept himself on the technological frontier. Building computers became a passion that led to attending Lorain County Community College and the University of Toledo. He became an audio-visual technician and learned a variety of programming languages, which developed into game design and the study of game theory as a hobby.  

Robert has 20+ years of gaming experience in Real Time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooters (FPS), and Role-Playing Games (RPG) on PC and various consoles, as well as 1000s of hours in MMO and online co-op gaming. Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 is his all-time favorite game.  

Students interested in joining the Lorain County Community College eSports team can contact Robert McClelland at Interested students can also fill out the varsity interest form at LCCC Athletics and check “Co-Ed Varsity eSports” as the sport of interest.