New dates will be posted for Spring semester. 


Student ID Required!

Bring all CDs, DVDs and supplemental materials purchased with your textbooks.


Purpose of the Used Book Buyback

The purpose of the book buyback program is to offer students relief from some of the costs of attending college.  By offering students the opportunity to sell there books back, this puts cash in their pocket and makes it possible for Commodore Books & More to offer books at a lower price to other students.


Factors that Affect the Price Offered for your Book

  1. The book is (or is not) being used next term – the book has a higher value if it is being reused by the bookstore the following term.
  2. The condition of the book – you may get a lower price (or nothing) if your book is in poor condition.
  3. The store’s stock-level for the book – you get less if the bookstore is already fully stocked.
  4. The demand for the book – higher demand equals higher dollars.
  5. Textbook bundles – if your book came with a CD or other component, make sure you sell it back with all of the components.
  6. The edition number – if a new edition is pending for your book, the book may have no value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sell books without CDs and then not buy them back unless I have a CD?
The bookstore does sell some books at the beginning of the term that will not be bought back at the end of the semester. As stated above, the bookstore buys back what instructors select for the next term. If we need your book without the CD, then we will buy it back. The wholesaler can also decide to buy books with or without CDs, depending on what they need.

My friend sold her book back for $50 yesterday. When I sold the same book back today, I only got $10 – why?
The bookstore buys back books that are needed for the next term. Sometimes, there is a limit on how many books we are buying. For example: if we need 25 books, the first 25 customers through the buyback line will receive the price set by the bookstore (50% of the price paid for the book at the start of the term). After we buy 25, the price that you will receive will be set by the wholesale company (that amount is based on the demand the book has nationwide). It is also possible for a book to be bought back by the bookstore and, after the limit is reached, not be wanted by the wholesaler. In this instance, some student’s books will be bought back and some will not.

Why are you not buying back my book? I paid over $100 for it at the beginning of the term.
Textbooks are time sensitive products. A book may be sold at the beginning of the term (brand new) for $100 and have no value by the end of the semester. Usually, this is because the book is going into a new edition. Generally, once a book goes to a new edition, it has no value to the bookstore or the wholesale company. You can buy a book in new condition at the start of the term and have it be obsolete (because of a new edition pending) by the end of the same term. It is not the condition (new or used) of the book at the start of the term that matters; it is the edition number that matters.
No value is usually the result of:

  1. a new edition pending or
  2. the bookstore having a sufficient quantity of the book and the wholesaler not wanting it because it has little demand nationwide.



What does the bookstore do with books that have no value?
The bookstore collects all of the books that are deemed as “no value” and we donate them to One Planet Books. This company will take any no value textbook and materials (CD’s, disks, etc) and recycle it into everyday products, such as boxes, plastic pen barrels, and building materials.

Do you buy back books at times other than the end of the semester?
The bookstore buys books (sometimes) daily throughout the Spring and Fall semesters. These buys are for the wholesaler’s stock only and not the store. YOU WILL ALWAYS GET MORE MONEY FOR YOUR BOOKS DURING THE END OF THE SEMESTER BUY.