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Frequently Asked Questions

When do textbooks go on sale for a term?
Usually, books go on sale about 3 weeks before classes start.  Check the home page for the exact dates or give us a call at (440)366-4055.

Can I get used textbooks?
If you want used books, the sooner the better. Used books are available at a first-come-first-serve basis. Used books are priced 25% less than the comparable new book.  Sometimes, we only have new books available for a class because the book is a brand new edition or the new version is requested specifically by the course’s instructor.

Some textbooks are bundled with an access code that is required for the class. These textbook bundles are normally only available in new condition because the access codes cannot be used by more than one student.

How do I find my textbooks in the bookstore?
The textbook section is arranged alphabetically by department prefix (for example, accounting books are listed under ACTG).  The shelf tags are color coded.  Clear tags are Required.  Yellow tags are Optional.  Red and blue tags are Student Choice.  The shelf tags will let you know all the information about a book (the ISBN, the price for both new and used, the edition, etc).  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR SCHEDULE IN ORDER TO LOCATE BOOKS.  It is imperative that you know the SECTION number of your class because different sections have different instructors (and use different books) – a good example of this is the ENGL 161 class, which consistently has 40+ sections.  Simply knowing that you have an ENGL 161 class is not sufficient.

How can I pay for my books?
Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check (made payable to LCCC Bookstore), credit card (VISA, MC, DISCOVER & AMEX) or financial aid (if you have a sufficient amount of total student financial aid – check with the financial aid office if you have questions).  If purchasing online, only credit cards and financial aid are acceptable.  Financial aid questions should be directed to the financial aid office. Their phone number is  (440)366-4034.  Commodore Books and More cannot give out any information concerning student accounts over the telephone.  MAKE SURE TO BRING PHOTO ID FOR ALL CHECKS AND ONLINE PICK-UPS.

How much do books cost?
On average, new books cost approximately $120-$140 per class.  This is just an average and depends on the courses that you are taking–textbooks for any Allied Health program (including Nursing) are generally more expensive.  You can look up specific book prices on the bookstore website a couple of weeks before classes begin.  Prices listed on the website are subject to change.  Textbook prices can change as new shipments are received.  Prices listed on the website are only guaranteed if you order online on that day.

Why isn’t my book on the shelf?
There are many reasons why a book may not be on the shelf including:  a spike in enrollment, last minute schedule changes (such as an added section), last minute change of instructor, the book being temporarily out of stock from the publisher or an instructor not turning in book information on time.  Textbook information is constantly changing and can change even once classes begin.

How do I prevent my books and other valuables (calculators, laptops, etc) from being stolen?
First of all, make sure you LOCK your car and roll up your windows when you are leaving it, even for a short period of time.  It only takes thieves a few seconds to open your car door and take your valuables. To protect your books, our advice is to put something in your book that makes it unique, for example, your initials on page 30 in the corner.  If your books or valuables (or both) get stolen, you should file a report with campus security, even if it happens off campus.  If you have any questions, please contact Campus Security at (440) 366-4053.  For more tips for staying safe on campus, click here.