It may seem that some people are natural born leaders, but those skills can be learned and refined with instruction and practice. In fact, LCCC’s management & entrepreneurship program is designed to teach you essential leadership skills such as communication, decision making, planning, organizing and evaluating. 

The program offers a short-term certificate that can be earned in one semester, one-year certificates, and associate degrees. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.

Career Opportunities

Careers in business offer opportunities in a wide variety of management and administrative positions. Business graduates may find jobs in all types of businesses, including restaurants, department stores, large and small private companies, in government and in education. In addition, some graduates start their own businesses. No matter, almost every organization and institution today has a business office.      

Management & Entrepreneurship Programs at LCCC:

Certificate of Completion

Insurance Fast-Track

Short-Term Certificates:

General Business Administration


One-Year Certificates:

Business Management

Entrepreneurship Certificate   

Associate Degrees:

Entrepreneurship Degree