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LCCC’s Business Growth Services provides a one-stop location for comprehensive training and business-support for new entrepreneurs as well as established companies that need help with growth strategies.

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We believe no business goal is too large to pursue – and no ambition is too small to nurture. That’s why we offer a wide range of business resources, expertise and strategic tools that can be tailored to the needs of businesses of any size, in nearly any industry.

The first steps into business can be the most difficult, but at LCCC Business Growth Services, we know that the right partner can accelerate entrepreneurial success. Partnering with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals who understand the unique challenges facing new startups, we match startup businesses with resources and strategies to launch their commercial success and help their ideas take hold.

We support startup businesses through:

  • Business plan development
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Market research
  • Business incubators
  • Early-stage startup funding
  • Product R&D and prototyping

Fast-growing companies have huge potential to create economic impact through job creation. By facilitating their evolution from good to great, LCCC Business Growth Services helps small and medium-sized businesses move ahead in the market and scale up to the next level.

We support scale-up businesses through:

  • Strategic talent planning
  • Access to capital
  • Sales training
  • Technical training
  • Skills certification
  • Business coaching and mentoring

Even successful businesses need help staying up to date with new technologies, talent demands and industry trends to stay competitive. That’s why LCCC Business Growth Services offers employer-driven programs and customizable curricula and delivery methods that allow established businesses to sharpen their technical skills, sales capabilities and software certifications as they refine their approach to growth.

We support established business through:

  • Strategic talent planning
  • Technical training
  • Skills certification
  • Sales training
  • Advanced Manufacturing leadership and skills
  • Quality Assurance / Lean / Six Sigma / ISO training

Leveraging our long history of community involvement, LCCC is committed to supporting the unique needs of nonprofits to help them fulfill their mission.

We support nonprofit organizations through:

  • Business plan development
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Access to capital
  • Leadership training
  • HR compliance and training
  • Succession planning
  • Connecting those you serve to training resources

LCCC also offers a breadth of business coaching and strategic planning services to support nonprofit organizations in the implementation of sound business practices and strategies.

Successful businesses rely on a strong economic environment. Government/public organizations and leaders play a critical role in the development of a strong infrastructure to support the growth and development of businesses in every sector and at every level. LCCC Business Growth Services recognizes the importance of strong and well-informed civic leadership and provides data, research, technical resources and planning strategies to support effective decision-making at all levels of government.

The Advanced Digital Forensics Institute provides sophisticated data recovery and research services in support of law enforcement, financial institutions and organizations at all levels.

Support services for government and public organizations include:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Visioning and strategic planning
  • Facilitation of group and community processes
  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Data recovery

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Workforce Training

We work with both companies and individuals to deliver training and education for business growth, job growth and professional development.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Automation and technological advances are transforming manufacturing. To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, manufacturers must invest in more sophisticated equipment, people and processes, which require new levels of training and certification.

LCCC Business Growth Services is a national leader in sponsored commercialization and workforce development for advanced manufacturing. We provide high-tech facilities and training programs at the Campana Center for Ideation and Invention and SMART Microsystems located on the LCCC campus, and at other partner locations.

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Start-Up Help and Funding

The path from innovative ideas to business growth can be daunting. To grow an organization to new heights, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs know they must invest in their own growth and development.

Learn more about start-up help and funding

Hiring and Talent Planning

Whether you’re an entrepreneur making the first hires to grow your team or you have an established company, acquiring new talent is critical to growth. LCCC provides businesses with the tools, resources and strategies they need to recruit and hire a skilled workforce.

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