Employer Guidelines

To ensure equitable and consistent service, employers must meet the following guidelines to post employment opportunities for Lorain County Community College students:

  • The employer must be affiliated with a profit corporation or business, non-profit agency, government or local municipality.
  • Job postings must be actual, current openings for internships or traditional W-2 or 1099 full- or part-time employment and pay minimum wage or above.
  • Job postings or emails must contain sufficient detail to convey clearly to the user the nature and basic requirements of the job opportunity, as well as application
  • Opportunities cannot involve multi-level marketing, a start-up fee, and other irregular arrangements or that would employ students for a private individual (i.e. babysitter, tutor, caretaker, etc.)
  • Employers recruiting at Lorain County Community College are required to follow EEO compliance and affirmative action principles in recruitment activities. Employers should consider all interested students for employment/internship opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability and shall provide reasonable accommodations upon request.
  • Lorain County Community College reserves the right to remove any posting not deemed to meet these posting standards.

Lorain County Community College reserves the right to amend, add, delete, or otherwise change these guidelines at any time, with or without notice.