The path from innovative ideas to business growth can be daunting. To grow an organization to new heights, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs know they must invest in their own growth and development.


LCCC Business Growth Services leverages a team of experienced consultants, business owners and serial entrepreneurs to connect leaders with the resources they need to develop skills and strategies for success.

Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, we can help you take your organization to the next level with business coaching services such as:

  • Mentoring – One-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, and online and classroom training
  • Business incubators – Entrepreneurial environments where startups can grow with the support of seasoned coaches and connections to specialized LCCC resources and expertise
  • Market research – Growth projections, competitive information and data to guide decision-making
  • Business planning – Strategic guidance to develop and execute successful business plans that cover areas such as sales and marketing, financial planning, accounting and business operations
  • Access to funding – Expertise and support to help you identify the right funding source(s) and navigate through the application process
  • Access to resources – Connections to existing entrepreneurial support organizations and resources from our extensive network throughout Northeast Ohio

LCCC provides business coaching through regional resources, including:

Take your business to the next level.

Learn how our business coaching services can accelerate your growth. For technology-based startups, call 440-366-4310 or For small business assistance, call 440-366-4370 or

Fund your next big idea

Access to capital is crucial, whether a company has five employees or 500. However, many entrepreneurs need help navigating the complex lending process and securing the funds necessary to finance their growth efforts.

LCCC Business Growth Services provides access to capital to startups and small businesses by connecting entrepreneurs with the financial resources and advice they need to invest in their growth strategies.

Our approach to business funding links entrepreneurs with the knowledge and capital they need to stimulate innovation to support regional business growth and job creation. We work with organizations in all phases of growth to help them address their financing challenges from an early stage and on.

LCCC’s Business Funding covers:

Secure the funding you need to grow.

Learn how business funding can accelerate your growth. For pre-seed funding for technology based startups, call 440-366-4121 or For small business loan assistance, call 440-366-4370 or