Tools that Keep your Company Competitive

It's all here and available to our business and industrial community.

Striving to keep companies competitive and place graduates in high-demand, well-paying jobs, the Campana Center offers local businesses access to equipment designed to enhance their companies– without a large-scale investment.

The Campana Center goes beyond training the next workforce by offering local companies a place to build prototypes and test product design. Industry-based labs including programmable logic controllers, robotic welding and automation, 3D commercial printers, and even virtual reality simulators will help you stay competitive. 


Digital Manufacturing Line


Digital Manufacturing Line

The Digital Manufacturing Line takes the Fab Lab’s principle of “how to make almost anything” and transitions it to “how to manufacture almost anything.” The line consists of a flexible system that uses digital technology to allow you to design production lines, finding the most cost effective way to manufacture your products. 

The Digital Manufacturing Line is comprised of

  • three full-size Fanuc robots that can work together or independently
  • a high-speed CNC Turning Center for machining
  • a Lincoln Electric Welding Cell
  • Vision System for orienting parts and (future) a Laser Metal Cutting system

It can simulate the operation of a production line to help improve cycle time and system efficiency.

Virtual Reality Room

Virtual Reality Cave

The VisCube provides an immersive virtual reality experience with unlimited practical applications for 3D product review and prototyping, scientific visualization, architecture, and art and design. Examples of industry use include providing virtual training for employees who will work on large-scale or dangerous equipment (such as airplanes) or reviewing and refining 3D prototypes prior to production.

3D Printer

Commercial Grade 3D Printer

Dimension SST 1200es

3D printer based upon FDM technology. Uses ABSPlus model material and soluble support material. Maximum build size of 254 x 254 x 305 mm (10 x 10 x 12 inches). Layer Thickness .254 mm (.010 in.) or .33 mm. (.013 in.).

Water Jet Cutter

Waterjet Cutter

MAXIEM 1515 JetMachining® Center by OMAX

3 axis cutting head. Diamond MAXJET 5i nozzle 0.15”. MAXIEM variable frequency drive M4050V pump for high and low pressure operations – 40 HP for up to 50,000 PSI (3,450 bar). Cutting travel area of 5’2” x 5’2” (1,575 mm x 1,575 mm). Z-axis travel of 12” (305 mm). slat bed maximum support material load: 300 lbs. / square foot (1,465 kg / square meter). Intelli-MAX® software.

Options include Water Level Control system, variable speed solids removal system (VS-SRS), 100 lb. abrasive feed system, and collision sensing terrain follower.

3D Handheld Scanner

Go!SCAN 3D handheld scanner

For handmade model digitizing, reverse engineering, 3D-scan-to-CAD, packaging design, quality inspection, etc. Light source: white light (LED). Part size recommended: 1 ft. – 10ft (0.3 m – 3 m). Scanning area: 15” x 15” (380 mm x 380 mm). Dynamic referencing allows part to be moved to a different orientation during scanning. Software: VXelements.


CNC 3-axis Vertical Machining Center

Haas VF-1 CNC 3-axis vertical machining center

XYZ range: 20” x 16” x 20” (508 mm x 406 mm x 508 mm). 20HP (15KW) 7,500 RPM spindle. Dual drive (Y-Delta), 20-tool carousel toolchanger, 1000 IPM (25.4M/Min) rapids, rigid tapping, 55 gallon flood coolant system.

Options include 6.3” (160 mm) DIA brushless servo rotary 4th axis with automatic chuck, semi-automatic Kurt vise, Renishaw wireless tool setting probe, Renishaw wireless work offset probe,  macros, spindle orientation and coordinate rotation and scaling, 34-position programmable coolant nozzle, automatic door, hard disk, Ethernet interface, robot ready interface.


Let us handle your 3D printing

You don't even have to come in. Just Send us your STL file (we typically use SolidWorks to create the 3D STL files). Using the Dimension printer is not inexpensive but the parts are a stronger ABS-plus material and more things are possible since it also uses soluble support material. Email your STL files (not zip files) along with details such as how many of each part that you want, approximate dimensions, and color preferences to We'll process the files and email you a quote.

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