STEM event at LCCC encourages students to choose engineering careers

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Lorain County Community College hosted the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Showcase on Oct. 10 aimed at encouraging students to choose a career in engineering.

Jessica Rannow, president of the Global Society of Women Engineers, also known as SWE, was the featured speaker for the event.

“(The Global Society of Women Engineers) has been going on for about 65 years now,” Rannow said. “We’re an international organization that includes both college students and professionals.

“Our mission is to get students into engineering and show them the careers that are out there.”

The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of success is a lack of confidence, she said.

“Many students shy away from engineering because they feel science and math are too hard,” Rannow said. “There can be many different factors as well.

“But I would encourage students to give it some thought, because you will be rewarded.”

Rannow said the efforts of Global Society of Women Engineers have led to an increase in the events that are held and the students reached.

The Global Society of Women Engineers has expanded into location in Europe, India and “we continue to expand,” she said.

“I feel students have really responded and SWE’s expansion is a testament to that,” Rannow said.

An engineering degree can have a wide reach and allow students to work on what they want, she said.

“You could be building aircrafts, medical devices, you name it,” Rannow said. “I would tell students it is okay to fail.

“You make get a ‘C’ on an assignment, but keep working and find a mentor to help and encourage you.”

Arshiya Anand, president of Global Society of Women Engineers at LCCC, said an engineering degree will allow graduates to find jobs that interest them.

“I currently work at Cleveland Clinic working on data programs,” Anand said. “It is really fun and I enjoy going to work and adapting new software.”

Jonathan Alexander, an engineering student at LCCC, said his engineering path was created due to his love of building.

“I like being hands-on with the technology,” Alexander said. “I don’t like to sit at my desk all day, so engineering is for those who like to do interesting things.

“People should stick with engineering and continue their education. You will be glad you did.”

From The Morning Journal
By Zach Srnis