LCCC’s Student Senate and Student Life invite all student-led bands and musical acts to participate in “Your Vote Rocks,” a battle of the bands competition to promote civic engagement.  

Tuesday, September 24
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
LCCC Courtyard
(College Center Commons if inclement weather)

“Your Vote Rocks,”  held on National Voter Registration Day, will feature 10-minute performances by the three finalists selected to perform. During the event, guests and the campus community will have a chance to update voter registration or register to vote. The winning band will be announced after students and the campus community  “go to the polls” to cast their vote for the best band.

The winning band will receive a $500 cash prize and a chance at a contract to perform at an LCCC function during Spring Semester 2020.

The event will feature free food and other fun activities.


Requirements and Contest Information

  • For the purposes of the contest, “band” is defined as any musical act. Musical acts could be an individual or multiple people.  There is not a requirement of a specific genre of music.
  • At least one band member is enrolled as a student at LCCC for Fall Semester 2019.
  • All band members must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with LCCC.
  • Participants under age 18 must have parent or legal guardian permission to participate.
  • LCCC, the LCCC Foundation, and subsidiary organizations, its employees, agents and suppliers, as well as LCCC full- and part-time faculty, staff, administrators, trustees and board of directors are not eligible to participate. Student workers are eligible to participate.
  • LCCC reserves the right to revoke invitations at our discretion for any reason.
  • Band members will be required to submit their play list, including lyrics of all songs, at least 1 week prior to the competition. Play list music should be appropriate for the entire campus community and comply with Campus Code of Conduct. Songs and lyrics not in compliance with Campus Code of Conduct will not be permitted.
  • Grand prize money will be awarded to the band receiving the most votes thanks to the generosity of the LCCC Foundation.
  • All band members must provide a signed release form prior to taking stage.
  • All band members are subject to the Campus Code of Conduct at all times.


How To Enter

Enter your band or musical act by completing the registration form below by noon, Monday, September 16, 2019.


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  • Please include a URL to a video performance of your band or musical act.
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