Is there a way to check my printing account balance?
Yes. You can check your balance a couple ways:

Step-by-step Instructions for viewing the balance of your Printing Account

  • When you log in to print, a small window will open that shows your cash balance (not number of pages). The charge per sheet (either single or double-sided) is $.05.  So you can divide the cash balance by .05 to calculate the number of pages available. A simple calculation is to double the cash amount and add a zero.  So if your cash balance is $5, you have enough credits in your account to print 100 pages.  If your cash balance is $1, you can print 20 pages.
  • You can also log directly into the system from any campus computer at Log in with your MyCampus account to view your current balance.  To view the balance on a printing card, log in with the user name and password on your printing card. Once you log in you can see your current balance, print job history and transaction history.

How do I print using a printing card?
When using a print card, enter the 16-digit username and password that appears on your card (letters must be UPPER CASE with hyphens as shown on card).  If you are printing a document that exceeds your card value, you will be notified that you have insufficient funds to print. If you are trying to print a 20 page single-sided document and your remaining card value is 50 cents (10 pages), you need to set it up to print pages 1-10 so that you exhaust the value of that card.

To print pages 11-20, you will need to purchase an additional print card from one of the vending machines on campus (Library, BU-104, UC-222, between HS-225 and PS-205, or the LCCC Bookstore).

If you are printing a 20 page double-sided (duplex mode) document and your remaining card balance is 50 cents (10 pages) you are only charged 50 cents because you are only using 10 pages with one printed image on each side. If you are printing a double-sided document you are only charged 5 cents per sheet of paper (each image = 2 ½ cents).

Once you exhaust the value on a print card, you may throw the card away (it is not re-loadable). You may purchase both $1 and $5 print cards at the LCCC Bookstore. Your card will NOT be charged until you release your document(s) from the print queue.

If you need assistance, please ask a computer lab aide.

Do my unused printing credits from one term roll over to the next term?
No. Your printing credits will expire at the end of the term.  You will receive a new allocation of credits at the start of the next term.

Can I give my printing credits to another student?
No. Your printing credits cannot be transferred to another person.

Can I change the password on a printing card?
Yes. To change the password on your pre-paid printing card, log into with the username and password on the card. After logging in, you will see a link on the left-hand side of the screen to change the password. Only users of the pre-paid card will see the option (students with MyCampus accounts will not see that option). Be sure to note your new printing card password for future use. We cannot reset passwords for printing cards.

Students who log in to print with their MyCampus login can change their MyCampus password by visiting and follow the on-screen prompts.