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Call:  440-366-4351

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Forgot your Username or Password?

If you have already established your MyCampus login, but you have forgotten your password:

  • Go to Student Account Password Reset.
  • You will be asked to enter your MyCampus user name and answer the security questions you established during your original account setup.

If you have already established your MyCampus login, but you have forgotten your username:

  • Go to Student Account Forgot Username.
  • You will be asked to enter your Student Number (no leading zeros necessary) and answer the security questions you established during your original account setup.
  • After you have successfully retrieved your username, you will also be able to reset your password, should you have forgotten that as well.

For New Students: Set up Your MyCampus Login Credentials

Before you can log into MyCampus, you will need to create your MyCampus login.

  • MyCampus access requires a Student ID number. This number will be included in your Welcome Letter after you apply. If you need your student number immediately, please call Records at (440) 366-4067.
  • Go to Student Account Setup
  • Complete the questions on the page and create your password.
  • A new page will open that displays your MyCampus username and password.
  • Be sure to write down your MyCampus login for future visits.

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection to your private student data by using text, phone or the Authenticator App to verify your identity. To enable this required feature, follow the steps below.

When you sign on to Mycampus, you’ll be asked to register for MFA and password reset with a prompt similar to the image below. At this prompt, click Next to proceed.

MyCampus Prompt: More information required. Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure. Use a different account. Learn more. Next.

By default, you will be asked to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you prefer this as your default method, click Next. If you prefer to use text or phone, click “I want to set up a different method.”

Microsoft Security Prompt: Microsoft Authenticator. Start by getting the app. On your phone, install the Microsoft Authenticator app. Link to Download the app. After you install the microsoft authenticator app on your device, choose Next. I want to use a different authenticator app. Next button. Link to I want to set up a different method. Link to skip setup.

There are several different MFA and password reset methods available. You have the option to configure the methods you prefer.  Initially, you must register for at least one authentication method. We recommend you set up as many as possible in case you lose access to your phone or Authenticator App.

Methods used for Multi-Factor Authentication and password reset:

  • Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Text Message
  • Phone Call

Additional methods used for password reset only:

  • Email (non-LCCC email: Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Five Security Questions

To add an authentication method, click Add Method and select Phone (for text or call) or Authenticator App.

After setup is complete, you can change your default authentication method.

From your computer, go to your Microsoft Security Page in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) and sign in using your LCCC Student email address and MyCampus Password.

To the right of your default sign-in method, click “Change.”

Security Info page, click Change to change the default sign-in method.

Use the dropdown box to select your default authentication method.

If you’re not sure if your account is registered for MFA, you can verify your registration and view your MFA preferences by visiting your Microsoft Security Page and logging in with your LCCC email address and MyCampus Password. On the page, you’ll see the list of authentication methods you have set up. If at least one authentication method is listed that is not Security Question or Email, you are registered.

Q: I have configured multiple authentication methods, but can I change which method I would prefer to use?

A: Yes! If you would like to change your default authentication method, see the Change your Default Authentication Method above.

Q: I set up the Authenticator App when I registered but have had my phone recently replaced. The Authenticator App is no longer working. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Help Desk to have your MFA reset. This will require you to set up your options again. If you set up the Authenticator App, you will need to remove your student account from the app and add it back.

After you gain access to your account, you can add another method (Phone Call or Text Message) by going to your Microsoft Security Page.

Q: I used either security questions or email when I initially set up my Multi-Factor Methods, and I keep getting to set up my MFA again. It’s not working. What is wrong?

A: Security questions and email methods are only used for your password reset. You cannot use these as a second factor when authenticating.

Support for Faculty and Staff

Additional information for faculty and staff is available on the intranet Help Desk page (login required).