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LCCC students, faculty and staff are unique, dynamic, and community-centered, and we want to connect!

We recognize our students are juggling multiple roles while attending college, and LCCC is committed to ensuring all students have access to experiences that:

  • Connect students with others who share their interests and life experiences.
  • Add to their professional, personal, and educational portfolios and resumes.
  • Inspire and motivate both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Build networks for support, connection to careers, and lasting relationships.
  • Provide rich educational experiences to grow skills to thrive in a changing world.

LCCC Connect Access

What is LCCC Connect?

Connect is LCCC’s hub to connect students and members of the LCCC community to one another, events, engagement experiences and co-curricular learning.

Our vision for the students, families, and communities we serve is that all students can develop the future-ready skills and networks that will lead to success in college, work, transfer and beyond.

Connect helps identify experiences that align with six skill areas. These skill areas complement and reflect LCCC’s education outcomes, values, and career competencies defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE):

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Diversity
  • Ethics
  • Health
  • Professional Development

What is a co-curricular transcript?

Co-curricular activities are learning activities and experiences that connect to academic courses and programs, contribute to career and/or transfer preparation, and reinforce course, program, or general education learning outcomes. Your LCCC academic transcript lists your courses, academic program, grade point average (GPA) and academic standing. In addition to demonstrating your educational success, students can also benefit from demonstrating how they utilized opportunities available to them at LCCC to gain skills in the areas listed above.

Connect will keep track of the specific events and experiences you complete as an LCCC student and also capture the skills, knowledge and learning you gain from them. Your Connect account will collect this information so you can easily transfer it to your resume, job applications, scholarship applications, and university transfer processes or save it for your records.

For assistance with your Connect account or to learn more about how you can fully engage here at LCCC, please contact:

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