My Planner enables you to plan out a pathway to complete your courses in a timely fashion.  It is very helpful as it links to information on which semester courses may be offered.  It’s a tool to map out your own academic plan for completing your degree.

  1. Log into MyCampus.    
  2. Select the link to Student Center.     
  3. Click the Plan link.   
  4. If you are a degree-seeking student, select “Undergraduate” in the “Select Institution/Career” drop-down box.    
  5. Continuing Education students may also enter courses into the planner. However, you will not be able to use the “Plan by my requirements” feature.     
  6. To add courses to your planner, click “Browse Course Catalog.”     
  7. Browse for your courses.     
  8. Click on the course title to view a course in detail.     
  9. Click Plan by My Requirements to add courses to your planner that you need to meet your program requirements.      
  10. The page will show the requirements for your degree that have been satisfied and those that have not. Coursework that is in-progress or already in your planner will satisfy a requirement.      
  11. To add a Not Satisfied course to your shopping cart or planner, click on the course name.      
  12. If you plan to add the course to your shopping cart, click the View Class Sections button.      
  13. To add the course to your planner (for future reference), click add to planner.     
  14.   Courses that have been added to your planner through “Plan by My Requirements” will be indicated by the “Information” icon (small blue circle around an i”).
    If a course has a prerequisite, the Prerequisite column will indicate “yes.” Click “yes” to view the prerequisites.