If you are considering changing your degree program or think you are close to completing a different degree, the What-If report will provide you with the additional academic requirements for any degree you select.   

  1. Log into MyCampus.  
  2. Click the Student Center link.     
  3. Click on My Academics.   
  4. Click on the “Create a What-if Scenario” link.    
  5. Click the Create New Report button.   
  6. Select any Academic Program and an Area of Study. You may select up to three different scenarios.     
  7. Click Submit Request.   
  8. A report will show all of the courses that have been satisfied and those that are needed for the selected programs.    
  9. To view the details for a “not satisfied” course, click on the course title.     
  10. You may also create a report to see how a specific course of courses would affect your current program.      
  11. Select your current program in the Program Scenario. Prior to clicking Submit request, browse the course catalog to add additional courses to your scenario.     
  12. Click Submit Request.