Lorain County Community College offers students the opportunity to use financial aid funds as an advancement to purchase books and supplies from Commodore Books & More, the campus bookstore. The bookstore fund advancement is an early refund of anticipated financial aid funds (ie. Pell Grant, Federal Direct Student Loans). It is not an additional amount or type of financial aid. The advancement is based on enrollment prior to the start of each semester. Actual financial aid eligibility is determined by enrollment and reported attendance. An adjustment to your financial aid eligibility may occur if your expected enrollment/attendance changes.

“Important Dates” on the Student Financial Aid web page will indicate when funds will be available through this program for each semester. Check for available funds during this time frame by logging into the Student Center of MyCampus.

  • Students who are eligible to use anticipated financial aid in the bookstore will see “Bookstore Availability $XXX.XX.”
  • If you believe you should have financial aid eligibility to use in the bookstore, but no funds are listed, review your To Do list in the Student Center. Outstanding financial aid documents/forms must be turned in and reviewed before eligibility for bookstore funds can be determined.
  • If you have no outstanding To Do list items, please make sure you have submitted the required FA Waiver (permission slip).
  • Students who have exhausted all of their available funds will see “Zero FA funds for books.”

If you have bookstore funds available per your Student Center, you can go directly to the Bookstore to buy your books. You do not need to see a counselor in Student Financial Aid to confirm your available balance, but should stop by if you need assistance with To Do list items or have other financial aid issues.

Exceptions for unusual circumstances may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Submit a Bookstore Advance Exception Request for review by Student Financial Aid staff.

If you have been denied a technology purchase in the Bookstore due to a prior purchase, you may submit a request for an exception to the bookstore policy.