Understanding Section Numbers

Each course has a section code and a unique course number. 

Always click on the class Section link when you search for a class – ie: Section P100-LEC(2442) . The link will connect you to a new page that contains the class description, class notes, and other valuable information.

There are four character spaces in each section code. 

  1. The first character in the class section:
    ie: Section P100-LEC(2442)

    The first character is coded as follows:
    P = In person/ student attends class on a campus
    W = On-Line/Web Class
    B = Blended Class (50% On-Line/Web and 50% In person)
    V = Videoconference Class
    Q = This on-campus class is video-conferenced to an offsite location 

  2. Second character:
    • 1 = day time lecture (beginning before 4 p.m.)
    • 4 = afternoon or evening lecture (beginning on or after 4 p.m.)
    • 6 = lab (must be scheduled with a lecture)

Special codes at the end of the section number:

R = Remote site.  Remote sites are not on main campus and may indicate one of LCCC’s Learning Centers.