1. Log into MyCampus.    
  2. Select the link to Student Center.     
  3. In the Finances section, click on the “other financial…” drop-down link.    
  4. Select the option from the drop-down: “Enroll in Payment Plan.”    
  5. Click the “Go” button to the right of the drop-down box.     
  6. Click your payment option and click next.     
  7. Use the scrollbar to scroll down to the click the Next button.     
  8. Scroll down and review and agree to the terms.   
  9. Click Enroll.     
  10. The screen will indicate you are enrolled with a “Congratulations” message. Click the View My Account button.     
  11. Click on the Summary tab near the top to display your current charges and the total amount due.       
  12. Click the Activity tab near the top to view the detail of all transactions on your account.      
  13. Click the Charges Due tab to display the date of the remaining payments as well as the payments already made.      
  14. The payments tab displays the payments already made to your account.     
  15. The pending aid tab will show any financial aid you qualify for.