Tuition payment options and deadlines

  1. Log into MyCampus.    
  2. Select the link to Student Center.     
  3. In the Finances section, click Make a Payment.    
  4. Click the Continue to Cashnet button.     
  5. In the “Your Account” box, select the “Click here to make a payment” link.     
  6. Click on the Fees link.    
  7. Enter the amount you will pay in the Amount box.      
  8. Click the Add to Shopping Cart button.      
  9. Click the Checkout button.      
  10. Click Agree to Proceed with Payment checkbox and click the Continue to Checkout button.     
  11. Select your payment method from the list and click Continue to Checkout.     
  12. Enter your Credit Card information and click Continue to Checkout.     
  13. Review your payment information and click Submit Payment.