Setup and Configuration of the Yubico Security Key

A Yubico security key is a physical security key that can be used as your second challenge factor when you are accessing an application that requires a second factor. The Yubico key is a USB A or USB C that works with a Windows Computer or an Apple computer. The YubiKey 5 series security keys are FIDO2 compliant and are supported by Microsoft for passwordless authentication.

The YubiKey 5 is available for purchase at Commodore Books & More or on Amazon. You may choose to use your financial aid to purchase the YubiKey in the Bookstore.

If you are unable to purchase a Yubico device for Multi-Factor Authentication, please contact the Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) for assistance.

  1. From a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) on your computer, go to the YubiKey Download Manager.
  2. Download and install the software appropriate for your computer.
  1. After the software has been installed, open the YubiKey Manager Application.
    • In Windows: Click Start > Yubico > Yubikey Manager
    • On a Mac: Click Go > Application > Yubikey Manager
  2. Insert your YubiKey into the USB port on your computer.
  3. Your YubiKey should appear in the Yubikey Manager
  4. Select Applications and click on FIDO2
    Yubico installation screen indication FD02 from the selection box
  5. Under FIDO2 PIN select Set Pin
  6. Create a Pin
    Pin Needs to be at least 4 Characters which can contain any of the following:
    • English Upper Case Letters: (A-Z)
    • English Lower Case Letters: (a-z)
    • Numbers: (0-9)
    • Special Characters: (!@#$%^&*()_+-=)
  7. After your pin has been set, click Set PIN

To set up the YubiKey for multi-factor, you must have a method already set. Those methods are phone (call or text message) or Authenticator App.

If you do not have a way to set up a multi-factor method, contact the Help Desk to get a Temporary Access Pass (TAP).

  1. Contact the Help Desk at (440) 366-4351
    Please have the following information available to verify your identity:
    • Student Number
    • Last four digits of your SSN
    • Zip Code
    • Birthdate
  2. After you receive your TAP, in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) from your computer, browse to the Microsoft Security Login Page.
  3. When prompted, input your TAP.
  4. Click the “+Add sign-in method link.”
  5. Select “Security Key”
  6. Follow the prompts