The information below provides instructions for requesting transcripts from MyCampus.


  1. Log into MyCampus.  
  2. Click on the Student Center link.  
  3. In the academics section, click on the drop-down list labeled “other academic…”  
  4. Select “Transcript Request Official” from the list and click the “Go” button to the right of the dropdown box.  
  5. In the Select Institution box, select Lorain County Community College.  
  6. In the Select Processing Options section, you may select to have your request processed:
    • Immediately
    • after your degree confer date
    • or after grade posting for a specific term.
    • Note: If you don’t ask for your transcript to be assigned after the end of the term or after the degree is posted, you may need to send a new transcript request at the end of the term.   
  7. In the Enter Recipient Address section:
    • To send to yourself, check Send to My Address, If your address is incorrect, click Edit Address to update. This will change only the mailing address for the transcript; not your address of record. To change
      your official address of record, contact the Records Office at 440-366-4067.
    • To have your transcript sent to a location other than your own residence, complete the Send To data, click on the Edit Address link and enter the address.
    • To have your transcript issued to another college, include the name of the college on the Send To section. If you want the transcript issued to a particular person or an office please put that on Address 1. If you have only one street address please put that on Address 2 and leave Address 3 blank.
    • NOTE: If you would like one transcript issued to a college and one to yourself, please complete two separate transcript requests. Please do not put all information on one request form. We would not issue that transcript until we speak to you on the telephone, which would slow the issuing of your transcript.   
  8. Slide the scrollbar to go to the bottom of the page.  
  9. Click the Submit button.  
  10. After clicking Submit, you will receive a confirmation the process has been completed.