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In support of minimizing the spread of COVID-19, LCCC has moved to virtual services to continue to support your academic and career success.  We know that you have been focusing hard on reengaging with your studies in a completely new way for many of you.  We are also aware that your activities, jobs and even some career values have been impacted by COVID-19.  Maybe now, more than ever, is the time to focus on your career.  We are here and our virtual doors are open! We invite you to connect with us, to stay on track for your upcoming career, or even to explore some new ones.  We are providing services remotely using phone, Skype and webinars.


Career Connect Pathway Sessions

Career Connect sessions are virtual meetings and group workshops where you will connect with other students with similar career goals. You will also participate in individual appointments with career development specialists to help connect you with career resources, individual coaching and local employers.  You will develop a plan for how to prioritize their career development and job search activities specific to your career pathway.


Ways to Connect

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Career Workshop Series

Our virtual career workshop series will help you adapt your job search, job preparation and networking skills in these changing times. 

Job Search Strategies In Changing Times

Looking for a job requires organization and careful planning? This session will help you plan your job-search, including setting goals, organizing, and managing your time. In the current environment, understanding current industry needs and job openings will be essential to having a successful job search. This session will cover how to adapt in these changing times – including understanding timelines, in-demand jobs, and how to use your skills and experience to your advantage.

Live Webinar: 30-minute presentation with 15 minutes of dedicated Q&A
Date and Time: Mondays at 10 a.m.
Registration: Registration through CareerLink: Event and Workshop Registration
On Demand: Available through Canvas

Resume Writing In Changing Times

Your resume and cover letter are your personal sales tools to market your qualifications to prospective employers. Learn the key ingredients to improve your current resume and cover letter and how to make your documents stand out among the competition. This session will highlight Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and using strong keywords on your resume.  Presenters will also describe the importance of communicating relevance of skills in job change/career change.

Formats: Live Webinar & On-Demand Recording
Live Webinar: 45-minute presentation with 15 minutes of dedicated Q&A
Date and Time: Beginning April 22 - Mondays at 2 p.m. and Tuesdays at 10 a.m.
Registration: Through CareerLink: Event and Workshop Registration
On Demand: Available through Canvas

Your Skills, Your Future: Transferable Skills In Changing Times

Are you trying to break into a new field or shift with the economy’s hot jobs, but feel unqualified because of your unrelated experience or degree? Before you sell yourself short, take time to analyze the skills you do have. Watch and learn how your skills can absolutely transfer into new, in-demand jobs.

Format: On-Demand Recording (45 minutes) available through Canvas

Interviewing In Changing Times – Part One (Preparation)

Interviewing well takes three steps – preparing, practicing and performing. This session will cover the first step – preparation.  Get the job you want by learning how to promote your skills and accomplishments to potential employers during the interview process. This session will introduce different types of interviewing (situational, behavioral, technical) and how to respond to frequently asked and difficult to answer questions. In these changing times, employers are incorporating more technology into their hiring practices and this session will cover online assessments, phone and video interviewing.

Format: On-Demand Recordings (total of 60 minutes) available through Canvas
Available After May 1, 2020

Interviewing In Changing Times – Part Two (Performing Well)

Interviewing well takes three steps – preparing, practicing and performing. This session will cover the final step – perform.  Interviewing successfully means being able to highlight your best attributes, show confidence and authenticity, and demonstrate your professionalism.  This session will help you perform at your best during your upcoming interview. Performance

Formats: Live Webinar & On-Demand Recording (available through Canvas)
Live Webinar: 30-minute presentation with 15 minutes of dedicated Q&A
Dates and times: After May 1 - Thursdays at 10 a.m. and Fridays at 2 p.m.
Registration: Registration through CareerLink here: Event and Workshop Registration

Networking in Changing Times

Networking is a strategy that many jobseekers use to find out more about an industry or profession, learn about current job openings, seek feedback on a resume, and strengthen professional connections. In an environment where social distancing is the norm, common forms of career networking have shifted.  This session will cover multiple strategies for growing and strengthening your professional network, with an emphasis on using technology to connect with others.  We will also cover how to develop a “personal pitch” that communicates who you are and the value you bring to an employer.

Formats: On-Demand Recording (30 minutes) Available after May 1, 2020 through Canvas

Peer Collaboration Group

Peer Collaboration Groups connect you with others who are in similar career paths and stages who are looking to answer “What comes next?”   Each month a group of 4-8 individuals will come together to identify their strengths and assets to create a vision of what comes next. Having a group of peer collaborators in your ‘career corner’ will help you stay focused and motivated as you move through your new challenges and opportunities.

The Peer Collaboration Group uses an appreciative career coaching model which helps participants connect with others to discover the best of themselves and how they can use their current skills, education, and interests to move forward in their career journey.  The group will meet once virtually on the first Tuesday of the month to kick-off the collaboration and peer coaching. After the kick-off, the group facilitator will match participants into groups of 2-3 to do peer collaboration over the course of the next three weeks.

Registration: Registration through CareerLink: Event and Workshop Registration

Kick Off Sessions

Live Webinar: 90 minutes
Dates and Times: 5-6:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of May, June, & July

Career Q&A Virtual Meet-Up

These virtual sessions offer and opportunity to "drop-in" virtually to get your questions about job search, resume, and interviewing answered by a Career Development Specialist with Career Services. Career Q&A is helpful for those who want face-to-face interactions while in a remote environment.

Live Webinar: 60-minutes of dedicated Q&A time
Standard meet-up time: Mondays at Noon
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Career Fair 2020

For the safety of our community and guests, Career Fair 2020 has been postponed. Please watch this page and your email for updates. 




Everything you do in college, from choosing classes, to writing papers, taking tests is really preparation for your career. LCCC’s Career Services can help you to identify the career that best fits your goals and interests – and when you are near graduation, we are here to prepare you for your job search to help you land your dream job.


Choosing a Career or Major

Choosing a major is a tough decision. With so many factors to consider, it can be a challenge to decide now what you want to do with the rest of your life. Our Career experts can provide you with the tools to make the best choice in your college major.

  Discover more about our career planning services.   

Landed a New Job?

Let us help you celebrate your accomplishment. Whether your new position is full-time, part-time, or an internship, each new job takes you one step closer to reaching your career goals.  Please take a moment to share the details of your success by completing the form in the link below.  

Career Success Form


Getting Experience

You’ve settled on a major, you’re pursuing your education and you have a plan. That plan should include getting some work experience while you’re in college. We have options that will help you gain valuable work experience while you’re working on your degree or certificate. Consider replacing or supplementing your current income with a paid internship for college students. Let us help you to get started with your college internship and real world experience.

  Explore opportunities for paid internships.    

Finding a Job

Great jobs are out there, so let us help you find them. The job search process takes a lot of work and planning. Whether you are a student, graduate or member of the community, we are here to help you find a great job.

  Let us help you find a great job.


Get Started Today

Our career experts are available to help you identify your career path, prepare you for job search, and help you land the job that’s right for you. 

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